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Medical Records


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  • Medical Records

    [Medical Records]

    Author: Ada (---.netcarrier.net)

    Date: 07-02-02 18:58

    Hello, everyone! I have questions about my medical records. I know this was discussed in the last HCMA newsletter, but I loaned out my copy and can't remember what it said. I just found a new electrophysiologist. I would like to get my medical records from my previous doctor. The last two times I has asked for them, I was only given bits and pieces from the past year. I had been a patient at that office for over six years, and I want everything they have. Do they have to give me everything if I ask for it? And are they allowed to charge me for the records?

    Thanks for any help on this.


    [Re: Medical Records]

    Author: Board Moderator--Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 07-02-02 20:21


    You are entitled to all of your records when you ask. In my experience, they are always free when they go to a doctor, but they may charge you a small fee for the photocopies. You will probably have to sign a release to release them to yourself.



    [Re: Medical Records]

    Author: Bel (---.excel.net)

    Date: 07-03-02 14:01

    They are allowed to charge you a fee for copying them, but they do have to give them to you. Most doctors (in my experience ) are reluctant to give your records to YOU. They are much more comfortable transferring them to another doctor. In the future, you might want to have your doctors mark every test you take "copy to patient" then you'll have them if you need them. If your old office gives you trouble quote the freedom of information act at them IN WRITING. They will get the message and give you your records. If they don't , have an attorney quote it at them or threaten to and tell them you'll expect them to pick up the attorney's fee if they force you to use one . Good luck. Bel


    [Re: Medical Records]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (208.47.172.---)

    Date: 07-03-02 15:17

    You have every right to your records, however you may wish to be careful in HOW you request them. You may wish to state up front that you wish to have a copy of all test results and letters regarding your care sent to you on an ongoing basis, if the office wants to be compensated for this act, pay them, even if they really should not charge you. DO NOT wait until you disagree or have a falling out with a dr to request your records because frankly the doctor/office is going to worry about liability and face it they are human and can feel attached by such actions.

    I just spoke with a woman today who had to subpoena her sons records because they refused to turn them over, they eventually turned them over and all is well.

    While I do not think you should walk around with your complete medical records at all times, I do think it is good common sense to have access should you need them, this is a key issue should you live in rural areas with less the top line healthcare available.

    Best to ALL!

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.