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resperitory illness


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  • resperitory illness

    [resperitory illness]

    Author: susan (---.175-25.vldsgacbds.dial.optilinkcomm.net)

    Date: 06-29-02 15:00

    i was wondering, does anyone get sick very often. i always have some kind of flu or repsperiotory infection of one kind or the other. it always takes more than one round of antibiotics to get rid of whatever i have. does anyone else have this problem




    [Re: resperitory illness]

    Author: Board Moderator--Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 06-29-02 15:22

    Dear Susan

    This is NOT medical advice, but my personal experience (sorry for the legal disclaimer, but I gotta say it).

    I used to be sick all the time and then I started eating a better diet --more greens, fruits and legumes and less pizza and ho-hos. I also take a mult-vitamin.

    The other thing I do is irrigate my nasal passages with warm salt water when I get stuffed up and this removes all the crud and helps keep me from getting bronchitis.

    Have you talked to your doctor about the frequency of your illnesses?



    [Re: resperitory illness]

    Author: susan (---.181-178.vldsgacbds.dial.optilinkcomm.net)

    Date: 06-29-02 21:42


    thanks for your reply, i have talked to my internal medicine doctor, he is the one who has provided all my research for me on hcm. they don't understand why i get sick so much. i have been on all kinds of inhalers nasal and mouth. with my first bout of pneumonia i developed a slight case of asthama. so i am weezing alot. i go to charleston to see my specialist in a week, to see how the ablation is holding up and to see if i need to have it in another part of my septum so i will talk to him about. it just seems like my imune system is very weak. i eat lots of veggies and try to stay away from the junk, but sometimes you get weak and that hoho screams at you.

    also another thing i was wondering if you were aware of. i was told to watch out for dehydration. never let yourself get dehydrated, it makes you heart work harder and you could go into cardiac arrest. another thing is nytroglicerine, we should stay away from that also, if your given it it will make your symptoms worse and could very well send you into cardiac arrest. i didn't know if anyone knew of this or not. i have been dealing with hcm for 15 years now and have learned alot through persisitance and being bossy. i got tired of hearing it was all in my head and fired my first cardiologist over 11 years ago. with the help of my obgyn and my internal medicine doctor i learned throug thier reasearch exactly what hcm is and how it affects you, they got me in touch with a great cardiologist who then got me in touch with a wonderful specialist, if not for them i belive i would be long gone from this earth.

    thanks for your reply



    [Re: resperitory illness]

    Author: Mary (---.wi.rr.com)

    Date: 06-30-02 11:39


    For the past several years I have had chronic bronchitis, sometimes pneumonia. In fact, it was a persistent case of pneumonia that led to my diagnosis with hcm.

    I can usually count on getting bronchitis every 3-5 months, without fail. And I hate it! It interferes with my life in so many ways! The drugs, the constant coughing, the nebulizer treatments every few hours...ick.

    Now one of my (many) docs thinks I have asthma. I don't agree, to be honest, but hey, asthma treatment just might work. It couldn 't hurt, anyway.



    [Re: resperitory illness]

    Author: Dora (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 06-30-02 19:11

    Hi Mary,

    Just to let you know asthma medication can affect and possible harm you. The are mostly steroids and medications that make your heart work harder. I will let Lisa or Sarah comment more on it.

    D J


    [Re: resperitory illness]

    Author: susan (---.180-66.vldsgacbds.dial.optilinkcomm.net)

    Date: 06-30-02 21:15

    mary make sure you talk to your cardiologist about asthma treatment. i have an nasal inhaler, nasacort and an mouth inhaler, plus i take celexa, the inhalers make you hyper, some nasal inhalers make your nose bleed. the saline rinse is great it keeps your sinus passages moist, but make sure and consult with your cardiologist before taking anything. mine checked to see what i could take, some work and some dont, just be patient



    [Re: resperitory illness]

    Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 07-01-02 19:12

    Susan - I will ditto what Sarah said in her first posting on this matter. I was getting sick WAY TOO much and frankly it was really getting me angry...So I got a little...well aggressive about it.. I went to an infectious disease specialist had a complete work up to check my immune system - stopped by the cardiologist got checked over...then back to the GP and went over EVERYTHING... then we came up with the following...

    TRY eating better and getting more rest (because I tend to be a work aholic..if ya's didnt notice

    So I did it... No more Soda - I use to call myself a "coke" addict. coke a cola that is...More fresh veggies, fruit and no heavy salted foods and fats AND the hardest on...get out and walk!

    Well the results... I lost 10 pounds (the 1st time in my life I lost weight) and I feel so much better...AND I have not been sick in 4 months which is a record for me I average an upper resp. infection every 6-8 weeks prior to the NEW life style.

    I will admit to you all that while I am writing this I am eating a bowl of ice cream so please know I have not given up the fun stuff all together!

    That’s my 2 cents on the matter....

    Talk to your doctor and make sure there is nothing underlying then look to see what you can do to help yourself!



    [Re: resperitory illness]

    Author: Sue (---.howard01.md.comcast.net)

    Date: 07-02-02 12:30

    I have done all that Lisa has done plus added lots of vitamins and minerals to asssure that I am getting all the nutrition I can. One very interesting thing I have tried recently is frequent hand washing. There has been a big public campaign about this (wash your hands after you go to the bathroom) which was finally explained as not just because you might dirty your hands while you are going to the bathroom, but because it will remove the germs you get as you go through your daily activities. It worked very well for me while I was at work this winter and spring. As I am writing, however, I am sufferering from a terrible respiratory something---caused by dealing with grandchildren's running noses---and lack of hand washing while we were on the beach, at the pool, etc. on vacation.

    This is one of those things that is so basic that we tend to discount it. I'm hoping to become an even more confirmed hand washer in t. he future. Maybe I can leave the nose wiping to the parents, while I'm at it.
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.