[Hubby had ICD]

Author: Lorie (---.reverse.accesscomm.ca)

Date: 06-28-02 04:14

Hello all

Thought I would give you an update on my husband's surgery and condition now.

We went in, he had the surgery, was out of recovery within 3 hours of start of surgery. Within an hour or two of getting out of recovery, he was up and walking around, feeling better then he had in years.

Released the next day, we were in the hostel, and the ICD went off. Now, the tech had told him, if it goes off, sit down and rest for a while. His comment to me after it went off was, he had no choice in the matter, he was sitting immediately.

No problems after that until just this past Sunday, it went off and knocked him down. Then Tues, it gave a mild jolt, but he was able to continue his walk. Later in the evening, it jolted him again, a little harder. He went into the hosp. that night, and the next day, they check the records. As well as the 4 he felt, the ICD activated 14 other times.

He has more energy then he has in years. We believe that the heat, which is above normal for us right now, may have had a factor in his heart acting up.

The clinic did some adjustments, turned on a couple more monitors and sent him home. He's feeling great right now.

For his history, he's 37 years old, youngest of 5 boys, all who have a form of HCM. They condition was found in the family when his one brother (before my husband was born) died at the age of 7 of massive heart attack. Each succesive boy was checked and found with the condition. One other brother has died from HCM and one is a candiate for the ICD as well.

I believe that the ICD will be the best thing ever for him and our family. He feels more able to do things with our boys then he had before.

I guess I'm kinda rambling now, but I am very glad that things worked out so good.

Also, while in the hosp the past few days, he met the mother of a 4 year old who will be getting an ICD soon. He was able to put her fears and the boy's fear to rest as they really had gotten no information about the ICD and procedure.

Thank you for listening to my rambles.



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Author: Mary Catania (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 06-28-02 07:49

Hi Lorie,

I'm so glad your husband got that ICD when he did. Wishing you both well. What a family history! Your story comes at a time when I am awaiting an ICD. I needed to hear about how it feels when it delivers a shock. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to be surprised after having a procedure done. The more I know about what to expect, the better off I am. Thank you for sharing.



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Author: Jerry Salzman (---.indy.rr.com)

Date: 06-28-02 09:10


While my ICD has never gone off (have had it for 18 months), I can tell you that I have forgotten it even exists. If it wasn't for the occasional buzz at the airport security (about 80%) I really would not remember it.

I did like you comment on the woman not really knowing what was going to happen. When they did mine, I was told on a Friday, the surgery was Monday and I was stuck in the hospital without internet access. All they had was these pathetic videos. The one from Medtronic was written below the level of my 7 year old. For example it had former patients playing out parts of the ICD. One guy playing the part of the shocker clanged symbols together to represent a shock. While another person wrote down the time to represent the ICD recording the event. The Guidant video was better, but it kept talking about how you really do not notice the AICD even on the beach. That was great but they never actually showed the person in a bathing suit.



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Author: Pat-Sub (---.intrepid.net)

Date: 06-29-02 15:29

Hi Jerry,

I was curious, you memtioned about the buzz at airport security. I have an ICD(1&1/2 yrs.) and was told not to go through airport secutity. they do a manuel pat down.



[Re: Hubby had ICD]

Author: Jerry Salzman (---.indy.rr.com)

Date: 06-30-02 00:31


I go through the machine, I just do not let them use the magnetic wand. I was told the security monitor would do no harm but the wand's magnet would shut the ICD off while it was near it. As for pat downs, yes I get them all the time. The only problem I have is the wierd looks. By the way, prior to 9/11 I was going through one day and they didn't have a male security guard who knew how to do a pat down. This new kid did it with someone else telling him what to do. Shows how sad the security really was.



[Re: Hubby had ICD]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 07-01-02 18:50


Wow what a story! I am wondering if the shocks were deemed "appropriate" or did they say they had to reprogram the device, which can happen.

Your husband family history is rather striking, I am very happy to hear he has the ICD!

Best wishes to ALL!