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  • chestpain???????

    I have been having trouble with AF and chest pain, pressure and shortness of breath, how ever the chest pain is awful, on a 1- 10 scale, it is like 15-20 I am waiting to get an ablation at the cleveland clinic to hopefully fix the AF. Mean while it looks like I am gonna be making alot of local trips to the ER because of the pain that is coming with some of my AF ( heart racing too). Is it safe to take nitro for the pain? The ambulance was gonna give me some last night, I have had it before, but I remeber once being told not to take it with hcm. I can't deal with the pain. Is there anything that can be prescribed by my doctor to help me with that until I get my surgery? Has anyone had that AF ablation surgrey done? and if so did it help?

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    Hi Jen-

    I know the pain and discomfort that a-fib will cause and I myself have taken prescribed Nitroglycerin. It did absolutely nothing for me. I have read here that it is not good for HCM patients, but I can tell you first hand that fact doesn't matter - nitro will not relieve any pain, so why bother?

    The discomfort that I experienced came from the elevated heart rate. I think your primary efforts should be focused on getting heart rate under control.

    ALSO: Take a look at the topic you started just before Christmas - I think you may have missed some good answers to the question posed then.
    • 1995: Brigham & Women’s Hospital - diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation
    • 2004: Falkner Hospital – diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure
    • 2004: Tufts NEMC– diagnosed with “End Stage” Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
    • 2005: Genetic Test – Laboratory for Molecular Medicine. HCM confirmed – missense mutation detected in TNNT2 gene
    • 2009: Brigham & Women’s - Third cardioversion begin Amiodarone for AFib
    • 2011: Brigham & Women’s - Medtronic ICD implant


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      Hi Jen

      I noticed you talked about an ambulance last night? Did they take you to the hospital? If so, why didn't they keep you with the amount of pain you are having?

      In my opinion, I would go to the emergency room. Pain like you are describing is nothing to fool with.

      Please let us know your progress.

      Take care


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        You need to let your cardiologist(s) know what is going on --at home at Cleveland. You may need your medication adjusted and at the very least they can tell you what pain relievers are safe for you.

        Nitro is out. morpheine is what I've been offered in the ER for chest pains and it interacted with dofetilide (tikosyn) and my heart rate went to 40 bpm. only the fact that I had argued against taking it led them to give me 1/2 the regular dose which kept me from going down even further. (i'm also small--115 llbs.)

        I am in af and have a lot of chest pain. It is hard to know when to go to the ER but my guidelines (for myself, based on my experience) are based on a combination of intensity, duration, and if I'm in doubt.

        Talk to the doctors and see what they can do for you since you shouldn't be running to the ER all the time --not good for you!!

        take care,



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          I am gonna call Cleveland clinic again on monday and let them know how bad I am feeling once again, I did call last week, but the doc. never got back to me yet. I did go to the emergence rm and I think I was gonna get morphine for the pain, but they couldn't get a line in until the episode was over. I have had morphine once before, it helped me alot. I also had had nitro before and it didn't do anything for me, then not long after that I heard not to use the nitro anyways, but now I am getting desperate... the pain is just to intense. At the hospital they was gonna give me something to convert me and later said they were happy they didn't being my heart rate dropped so much, I guess I would have been like a heart rate of 20.
          Oh, one more if I start having a problem with chf from the af and having low bp, then what being how I haven't been able to take my lasix due to low bp


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            Jen, I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time. It must be very frightening for you and your family. All of these questions you are asking really need to be addressed by your doctor. Please do call first thing tomorrow(Monday) am and keep trying till you get thru. Your doctor is the one who knows you and is qualified to give you good, sound answers to your questions. Unfortunately, what we can give you on the message board is stories of others' experiences and speculation of what may or may not be good or helpful to you. You need to get the real thing, and that is qualified care and advice from a competent doctor. Best wishes and please keep us posted. Linda


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