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Mucous and upcoming surgery


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  • Mucous and upcoming surgery

    I've been having an extra build up of mucous in my throat and I don't cough very often but when I do I can feel and hear a barking like cough in my chest. Going out in the cold weather seems to set it off. My doctor gave me some amoxycillan and cough medicine. I had to quit taking the cough medicine because it had codeine in it and it made me nauseous and sleepy. My septal myectomy surgery is scheduled for Jan 27, 2005 and I'm wondering if this mucous build up will cause a problem. I hardly ever do cough anything up and if I do it is clear from my nose and mouth both. I've been running the vaporizer and I do seem to have have allergies which may be causing this. From the information that I received from the Cleveland Clinic it said that I was to tell them before I had surgery if I got a cold or flu, but I'm wondering about this other problem and wondered if any of you had a mucous problem before surgery.
    septal myectomy on Jan. 27, 2005

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    I'm not sure if the mucous problem specifically will impact your upcoming surgery, but you should probably give the folks in Cleveland a call next week. They'll want your lungs to be as clear as possible prior to surgery, to avoid any complications during your recovery. Perhaps they can make some recommendations to you and/or your doctor so that you can prepare yourself. You'll also get a thorough test of your lung capacity once you get to Cleveland to insure that you meet the requirements for open-heart surgery.

    Just think... in less than a month you'll have had your myectomy already and be well on the road to feeling better!

    Happy New Year,

    "Some days you're the dog... some days you're the hydrant."


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      Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between what seems to be a "cold" cough and a bit of fluid build-up (heart failure). After my son's myectomy, we realized that what we thought was an allergy cough was really a bit of heart failure.

      Talk to your doctor again and try to get both him and Cleveland in the loop to make sure you don't have a problem that will delay your surgery.

      Good luck, please keep us posted. Linda


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        Yes Betty this could be heart failure i also get this and it does pay to keep your doctor informed

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        Myectomy 2-23-2004
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          Thank you for your kind replies. I plan to call Cleveland next week.
          septal myectomy on Jan. 27, 2005