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i wish there was a way


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  • i wish there was a way

    i wish there was away that i could stay asleep i tryed everything stay up a day then go sleep the next that dont work i can`t have sleepin tablets b/c i will get addicted to them i tryed to drink red wine but that dont work some bash me over the head with a fryin pan i never go sleep in the night but i always go sleep in the afternoon does anyone 1 else have this problem
    im 20 years old with hcm and just been told i need a heart transplant

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    Hi Bennett,
    I hear you loud and clear, but let me ask you a few questions –
    • Did you have these sleeping problems before you were told you needed a new heart?
    • Deep down inside how shook up are you about the possibility of a transplant?
    • Do you think talking it over with somebody would be of help?

    I guess it’s pretty obvious where I’m going. It’s because a load like that takes a while for your mind to grasp and deal with. I guess life throws most of us for a loop at some time or other, and we first deal with the problem in some of the most outlandish fashions.

    If you’ll pardon the pun, take heart. There are more and more people living with new hearts every day. Two of the reasons why this is happening is because the doctors have become much more adept at bringing these proceedings to successful conclusions, and people with new hearts are living out there normal lives. After the pilot programs concluded, the current process has been going on for a tad over thirty years – and we have people living today with transplants over thirty years old. In fact, we have a growing population of people who have gone back for seconds – and are still living to tell the tale.

    If you feel the slightest need, request a councilor you can talk things out with, and get yourself believing that there is a life after transplants. There really is.

    If I’m off the mark, I’m sorry. I am a layman after all, and only mean the best for you. If I hit the mark at all, I hope this will be of some use to you.


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      the transplant isnt gettin to me i had this since i went on some new tablets i think its the beta blocker but im not sure
      im 20 years old with hcm and just been told i need a heart transplant


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        Hi Bennett.
        Beta blockers can affect sleep patterns. I have been on two different BB's at different times for almost 15 years and I NEVER sleep through the night.

        I can nap during the day and that does not seem to make a difference. If I go to bed early I wake up around 1-2 in the morning. If I go to bed later I wake up around 3-4. Between all that I toss and turn a lot. My best relief came when I was switched from one BB to the other. It took a bit for the second one to kick in and I slept like a baby for about a week.

        I hope you find some relief.


        God Squad co-moderator
        Nothing is as gentle as strength and nothing is as strong as gentleness


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          Hey Bennett,
          I’m sorry. The way I read your post was that you couldn’t get any sleep at all during the night. My sleep patterns are just like Leon’s, except very recently I have been able to sleep about six hours straight. Not every night mind you, but frequently. Personally I think it’s because of all the other symptoms I’m having (not HCM related) that is sending me to bed exhausted.

          I have been on both Verapamil and Atenolol for years, and my normal sleep patterns are what I thought was somewhat odd. From after-lunch on I can sleep at the drop of a hat. My wife doesn’t drive and if I don’t care to go into a store with her (generally means dragging the scooter out of the trunk/boot) I will nap in the car until she gets back. In the evening I can usually stay awake if I am on the computer (although I doze off if I’m just playing games.) If I sit down in the lounge chair to watch TV, I’m generally asleep within five to ten minutes – even if it’s a program I specifically wanted to watch.

          Sometimes at the computer playing games I will doze off for a few seconds at a time. I can tell because of the timed games. Does this happen to you too – or to anybody else? Anyway, at night, I usually go to bed somewhere between 11:30 and 2:00 – but mostly between midnight and one. I get up somewhere around two or three and get on the computer until five or six when I return to bed until seven or eight. Whenever I finally do go to bed though, I am usually asleep in less than three minutes.

          After speaking with Nigel I was starting to question if those ‘momentary naps’ were possibly syncope, but having had both, I really think it’s sleep. I am now very curious to know if anybody else on a beta blocker gets those momentary or instant naps, or if I am just some kind of odd ball?

          So you see Bennett, it’s your drugs – you’re not alone,


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            Bennett, talk to your doctor about this, esp if you seem to notice it more with the addition of a new med. There are other meds that can be tried with a similar benefit to your heart. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right med combination. If you don't tell your doc, he/she won't know there's a problem. If you have talked about it, make sure your doc understands just how seriously it is affecting your life. Sometimes, the message just doesn't get thru to them the first time. Hope you can work this out. Linda


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              Hi Bennett,
              I was reading your post, I just came to the opinion that I have the same problem. My Dr. upped my PB med, now I can go to bed about 8:30 p.m. or so, wake up at 2:00 a.m. and feel like I'm ready to start my day.

              I have sleeping pills and they work well for me, with no trouble. I also think talking to your Dr. is the best way to go. Hopefully I only have a few more weeks of the increased BP med and then I'll be dropping down again, if not I'm going to ask also.

              I learn something every day on this site!!!

              Be Safe,

              Every new beginning, comes from some other new beginnings end.


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                burton i have that i go bedd about 12 then i wake up about 2 then i come on here i dose sometimes i go back bed around 5 then wake up about 9 then in afternoon i go back to bed but these past 4 weeks i have been gettin only 2 hours of sleep
                im 20 years old with hcm and just been told i need a heart transplant