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  • hi

    hello everyone does anyone have hard time to sleep i think its the beta blockers i take im up now and it is 3:52am in the morning i proberly wont get sleep till 5:00am does anyone else get the same thing
    im 20 years old with hcm and just been told i need a heart transplant

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    Re: hi


    I always had trouble sleeping from the time I was at 8 or 9 years old. I look back now and realize my heart was racing and it made me feel hyperactive. Now that I am on beta blockers I have very little trouble sleeping. I often have to get up a number of times in the night because of fluid retention, but nearly always go right back to sleep now. So, I am not sure what is interrupting your sleep, but I can guess that it might be HCM related.



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      Re: hi

      Hi Bennett,
      I used to go to sleep between 12 and 1 AM, sleep for about two hours then get up until five – or more usually six, then pop back in bed for another two hours.

      When I go to bed I usually fall asleep in about three minutes (one song on the radio). Lately however I’m usually feeling kind of punk in the late afternoon and evening. I fall asleep in front of the afternoon TV, then go to bed around eleven, and sleep thru the night – except for the excursions to the john – water retention problems.

      Don’t know what it is, I haven’t changed my Calcium Channel or Beta blockers recently, but my guess is that I’m under a lot more physical strain and get worn out quicker.

      Some people complain of vivid dreams on the same meds, but I can’t remember any dreams at all recently. I used to dream in color, and I could act as director, arranging the dream to my own tastes. I even used to dream ‘previews of coming attractions’ – and get them the next night. I do miss that. It was great fun.

      Why don’t you try it? When you wake up and are kind of still half asleep think of what you would like to dream tomorrow night. Remember it and the next night as you go into bed think about it, and presto, as often as not that is what you dream. Since it is your dream, you can direct it to just what you want it to be. I don’t know if your really part awake or not, but I really used to look forward to going to bed. I guess if you wake up during the night you can run the sequence again. Why not get a two for one if you can?


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        Re: hi


        I too have difficulty sleeping soundly. At times I have very vivid dreams (although not as controllable as those of Burt), sleep very lightly, and at times wake up and cannot get back to sleep for several hours. Five hours of uninterrupted sleep for me would be wonderful! I believe it is due to my beta-blockers. I wish you the best.


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