I wore the holter yet again in Sept. and was wondering if someone could explain it a bit. All my GP and cardio. said was " its fine".

Max heartrate- 123

Min heartrate- 61

Mean heartrate- 78

PVC's- 8
PAC's- 35
Sinus Pause greater then 2.5 seconds- 0

Underlying rhythm normal sinus rhythm, with baseline ST depression with T inversion in channel 2 and Q wave channel 3. Occasional ventricular and atrial ectopic beats. No sustained arrhythmia.
Patient had palpitation x3 with benign single ectopic beats, lightheadedness x6 with normal sinus rhythm x5 and borderline sinus tachycardia x1. No ST, T changes with one episode of chest pain.

Conclusion: Palpitation correlated with benign ectopy.

I pretty much understand most of it- except for the 1st part. Can anyone explain it to me?

AND, the report said only 35 PAC's and 8 PVC's yet, I felt them with every 5 or 6 beats(give or take), I expected those numbers to be much higher, any ideas??

Of course they again did not catch the wicked ones(which don't happen very often). My GP said it was hit or miss and to 'catch' them I would have to be wearing a monitor at all times. So there was really no sense-ya right, what am I suppose to do now?

I think she is getting sick of me requesting the holter but I don't know what else I am supposed to do.

Again, thanks for all your advice and for making this disease easier to understand and live with.