Author: CONNIE (---.direcpc.com)

Date: 06-10-02 15:01


we got our 15 yr old daughters test results back this past friday, and it showed a normal reading. Dr brooks said she showed no signs of HCM............but to have her tested again in 15 months. So neither of my kids have it (so far)...........My brother and 1 of my sisters tested o.k also, my other sister is scheduled to have her test today..........Im keeping my fingers crossed that this horrid thing has left everyone alone in my family and just focused on me to agrivate. I havent had much to say on the board lately..........but I check in daily to read all the post...I guess I gather strength from all here.......and learn to deal..........and count my lucky stars Im as healthy as I am........it could be worse.

I did have a question???? Does everyone experience chest pain on the left side most of the time? My chest aches alot. Some time I go for days and it doesent hurt..then all of a sudden it will hurt for days. My doctor said it was the lack of oxygen to the heart muscel..........any input on this??? Im trying to find a specialist that is near by to go see......I found a Doctor Perry in Birmingham Ala at U A B . Connie



Author: Lisa Salberg (208.47.172.---)

Date: 06-10-02 15:10

There is a very good electrophysiologist in Birmingham, Dr Epstein. He is very well respected.

Re the chest pain issue, everyone experiences "chest pain" a little differently, some people have "chest pain" in ther jaw, back or upper arm/shoulder.

If you can connect your chest pain to activities..such as...well maybe walking around a large apartment complex, up and down stairs and being in the heat...well maybe you might want to think about altering your activities...

(for those of you reading this Connie knows just what I am talking about)

Best wishes,

Lisa Salberg



Author: karla (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 06-11-02 14:21

In response to your chest pain...sounds like my husband's description. He can go for a couple days at a time and not have it and then go for days having it almost all the time. His does not seem to get worse with activities, however, he gets it mostly when he is 'at rest'. I'm assuming it's because of his dysfunction on the left side of his heart - from what I've read anyways.

Good luck to you!




Author: Susan (---.ceg.com)

Date: 06-11-02 15:51

I too have chest pains/ aches in the left side of my chest. I can go for days/weeks then I have it for days. Sometimes mine will radiate down my left arm and up the left side of my neck. I always have an awareness of the left side of my chest even if it is not aching. It never feels like the other side. Hard to explain but glad I'm not the only one that has this. I love this board, so much sharing!!



Author: Connie (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 06-11-02 21:15

Thanks Guys.For the responses...........Lisa knows what I do for a living.I manage a 72 unit apartment complex.there is a lot of walking involved.but since I was diognosed w/ HCM,,,I told my supervisor what i can and cant do and i have to be careful.she understood. I have never really noticed that any thing in particular makes my chest ache...it will just start out of the blue.....all the comments about the jaw pain..left arm pain and numbness, different places it hurts...is so familiar to me.........and to think I went to a bone doctor last year and had injections in my shoulder (major pain) for nothing......all along it was HCM!!!

Im with Susan...about the left side feeling different all the time...it hasent felt normal in years.............I can take a couple of Tynol Arthiritis when it aches really bad and it will ease the pain somewhat...go figure!!

I think it was Martha who posted about her children treating her different....my husband, my sisters, my kids..all treat me like Im gonna drop any minute. I catch my husband watching me...whats he looking for???Course I watch him since he had that HEART ATTACK!! Every one take care...............connie