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i am worried


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  • i am worried

    I went to the doctor yesterday because i have been having increased palpitations while working out and doing things like vaccuming and mopping. I have always had them and have been told that they are begnin, but became concerned when they increased during exercise. So i went to the doctor and he did a chest x-ray and a resting ekg. he said both were fine, my heart was a little large on the x-ray but he said "for a person of your size it is fine". that concerns me as well. is it ever ok for your heart to be slightly enlarged?? ever??? he also put me on bp meds because my bp was 160/84. My heart rate was 104 but i told him that was because i was so nervous about being there and what could be found. typically my heart rate is around 58-70 at rest which is fine. So by telling him that i avoided beta blockers. The bp med he put me on is called Altace, does anyone know anything about that? I have to go back next week for a stress test and blood work. I am really worried and scared, i guess maybe because of what happened to Damon, in the back of my head i think i might be next in line. I hate feeling that way but that is how i have been the past few months. I wanted to attribute this all to stress because i have been under an extraordinary amount of it. Now a i feel like a failure and dare i say slob (since he told me this is partially due to the fact that i am overweight). If the resting EKG and Chest X-ray were "ok" according to him, should i be concerened about the stress test? what does it entail? Thanks everyone and take care!

    \"Don\'t cry because it is over, Smile because it happened\" --For Damon (r.i.p 7/30/77-6/2/04)

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    Re: i am worried

    Hi Angie. You have every right to be worried after you just lost your friend. Stress may make you have more symptoms like the racing heart, but I can't see how it would enlarge the heart. Ask the doctor to do an echo. That's just an ultrasound of the heart. It might explain why yours is enlarged.

    No, it's not normal for someone to have an enlarged heart unless you are really, really athletic or you have chronic high blood pressure. There may be other reasons too, but it's all I can think of at the moment.

    The stress test isn't a big deal. They will make you walk on the treadmill and monitor you to see how your heart rate and blood pressure responds. There are normal ranges to how much both should rise. You just walk until you're too tired to go on.

    If you have any other questions let us know.


    PS: Altace is a blood pressure medicine. We tend to tell people here that drugs in that class, ace inhibitors, aren't good for you but it's people with HCM who should usually avoid it. People with normal hearts and just high blood pressure usually do fine on it.

    Husband has HCM.
    3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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      Re: i am worried

      Hello Angie,
      Sorry to hear you are having some unscheduled visits to the doctor. I know you miss your brother and sometimes an anniversary or birthday that is coming up can add to the stress you put on your body & heart. Several years ago when I started doing events in honor of my son, Anthony, or his birthday was near, or the anniversary of his death approached, there was always several days around that time that made me sad that he wasn't here. It sounds like you might be having some of that kind of "blue" time yourself. It's okay to have those feelings, and I know it usually lasted a few days for me. As time goes on, those "blue" periods seem shorter and shorter and happen less often. It doesn't mean I miss my son less, it only means I am better able to cope with him not being around. Time will help you with that, too.

      After reading the message board for several years now, the treatment you are receiving from your doctor sounds a little questionable. Have you talked to Lisa at the HCMA office about some of your issues? I know she is usually at the HCMA office on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I am not an expert on the treatment plans or drugs administered to HCM patients, but there are specialists that can help you better manage your condition with out "experimenting" for the right drug treatment or care plan. Please talk with Lisa & the HCMA office. Kelly is there 5 days a week and can set up an appointment for you to speak with Lisa.

      Good luck on your care!


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        Re: i am worried

        Hey Angie,
        Don't feel that way. Some doctors are good or should I say bad at making some of us more buxom girls feel like arcs. Well we won't say what we think of their ill manners. They could be a lot kinder. Reenie and Sharon had some good advise. We are always here don't hesitate.
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          Re: i am worried


          Please pursue this issue further. It sounds like you need to make sure that the cardiologist does not ignore any underlying problems because he is distracted by your weight. As others have said, the stress test is nothing much.

          I am interested in your statement that you "avoided beta blockers." This intrigues me because it indicates that you have a history of either heart or blood pressure problems that predate this and are in addition to the palpitations you mentioned. You must have tried beta blockers previously for some reason. What was it?

          Damon was Angie's friend, not her brother. So, if there are HCM issues here and they get discovered as a result of her concern about Damon's death, it will be serendipity.



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            Re: i am worried

            Actually i have never been diagnosed with any heart ailment previously. I am however always very aware of my heart and try to take good care of myself because heart disease runs in my family. My grandmother is 80, she has had numerous heart attacks, strokes, two pace makers, high blood pressure....you name it she has had it. I have an aunt that was born with a hole in her heart, another aunt with high blood pressure, my mom and two brothers have murmur and until now i have been pretty lucky until now, and now i am petrified! I am sure it is nothing other than the high blood pressure as i do feel somewhat better since i have started that medication....or it could all be in my head, who knows. I am just terrified they are going to find something on Tuesday. I am sure it is just because i am still reeling from Damon's death and that has me on the edge for everything. I don't know, i just want to be ok....but i am sure that is what we all want right?
            \"Don\'t cry because it is over, Smile because it happened\" --For Damon (r.i.p 7/30/77-6/2/04)