[External Defibrillators??]

Author: Craig (---.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net)

Date: 06-07-02 14:51

Has anyone out there ever considered buying an external defibrillator for the home, work, etc.?

I ask because I am not yet sure if I will be getting an ICD. I have none of the high-risk indicators, but do have a septal thickness of 3.0cm. Dr. Lever isn't convinced yet either as I wear a 30-day event recorder until the end of June.

Also, a related question: is there a difference in indication for an ICD between asymptomatic, low-risk obstructive vs. non-obstructive folks with a 3.0 thickness? In other words, considering I am non-obstructive, with no high-risk factors, but do have a thickness of 3.0cm, would being obstructive immediately place me in the category of those who should definitely get an ICD?

Thanks for all of your help.



[Re: External Defibrillators??]

Author: Board Moderator--Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 06-07-02 23:13

Dear Craig,

I think Dr. Lever and Lisa should be able to answer your evaluation question.

RE: defibrillators

My brother's office bought one for him since many ambulances don't carry them and he works out in the sticks. He is in afib all the time with his HCM. If you work in a high rise or in a busy city, where it would take a long time for EMTs to get to you, it isn't a bad idea.



[Re: External Defibrillators??]

Author: Paul Murphy (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 06-14-02 08:22

We recently returned from DisneyWorld and I noticed they had defibrillators placed in various locations throughout the hotel and restaraunts where we stayed. Yea Disney!