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Left Ventricular Hypertrophy


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  • Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

    Hi Everyone!

    Quick question. Can you have left ventricular hypertrophy and it not be HCM?


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    Re: Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

    Rene, yes, it can be caused by high blood pressure, it can be caused by intense physical training, valve diseases(these come to mind quickly, but are not the only causes). Most causes other than HCM will not be so localized, the changes will likely be showing some appearance in the rest of the heart also. The left ventricle is the part that does the most work, so it is more obvious there. Linda


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      Re: Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

      Thanks Linda!

      The husband of a friend of mine is currently in the hospital (he's 36 yrs. old). He has severe left ventricular hypertrophy and was told that he's in heart failure. His ejection fraction is 35 percent. That's basically the dx. that the Cardiologist gave them. They have been having trouble keeping his blood pressure up and his apical pulse has gone down to the 40's. Obviously, she's quite concerned, but the Cardiologist doesn't seem to be. That's for the info.!



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        Re: Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

        Just to share a comment. My cardiologist started writing LVH on my charge sheet every time I saw him. When I started pressing him about not feeling well. He said it was from high blood pressure left untreated.Also that it was nothing for me to concern myself with. That's when I reminded him that he only got high readings in the beginning before he started me on a diuretic, it was only a very short time of no treatment. I was later told that hypertrophy of the left ventricle as caused by high BP would take years to occur. I went home that night and told myself I was going to get to the bottom of these initials and the inconsistencies in his information.
        For me the result from my research was HCM, obstructed. Too bad I was right.
        I hope your friend is OK.
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          Re: Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

          Rene, I don't know where you are located or the capibilities of the facility your friend is in, but your friend may benefit from a little encouragement to push for more complete info. Maybe they are a bit timid about asking. My mother-in-law was in a very small, rural hospital and the local son and daughter kept telling me she was being seen by a cardiologist(she did not have an HCM problem). It was 350 miles from us, so when we finally got there, not realizing how bad it was, learned that there was not even a cardiologist on staff. Her "cardiology needs" were being taken care of by her family doctor, he somewhat admitted to misleading us about his qualifications. I questioned the possibility of consulting a cardiologist and of transfer to the hosp she had been in previously for her heart. The doctor told me she hadn't asked for that. I reminded him that by now, she was confused and not capable of asking. I was told that if she asked, he would consider it but it was up to her to ask first. The rest of the story doesn't really matter, the whole point is, we have to be proactive, and not just float along. If things don't look like they are improving, ask for more expert help, or at the very least, a better understanding of what is happening and why. I realize I don't have all the info you have and I'm sure you don't know everything your friend knows, but I hope they are not being too passive and allowing things to progress in the wrong direction. Linda