Author: Elizabeth (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 06-07-02 11:42

Hi all just an update on now 16year-old Michael Michael turned 16 last week he was doing better then he has for a very long time Michael was alway's saying he was bored and started playing basketball with his brother's and sister but know he complaining that he is alway's tired and sleeping more the doctor thaught that maybe his bloodpressure might be down but I checked Michael's and it is within normal limit's for Michael they have also done blood work on Michael and all is good there. Michael does not want to eat much these day's or drink very much .

I called the cardiologist yesterday he told me to bring Michael in this morning to much sure all was okay before the weekend.

Iam hoping he didn't go into more heart failure Michael has even asked me if that is why he feel's the way he does. I will keep you up dated.

bye Liz


[Re: Michael]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 06-07-02 11:53


What is his status on the transplant list? Is he active? Have they altered his medications recently?

I was thinking about him during our meeting, we had a session with just kids this year I wish he could have been there. Has he been communicating with the doctors?

Please let him know we are thinking about him and hope he is feeling well!

Lisa Salberg



[Re: Michael]

Author: Elizabeth (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 06-09-02 17:54

Hi Lisa acording to Michael's local cardiologist and the transplant cardlogist Michael is not sick enough as yet to get on the active part of the transplant list but they say Michael is on the inactive part of the list.

I was woundering if you have ever heard if they inactive part of the transplant list or if it is there way of saying he isn't on the transplant list at all?

Yes they have changed Michael's medication Michael is still on Loppressor he was taking 75mg.twice a day but they have lowerd it to 75 mg.in the morning and half at the p.m..

Right now Michael seem's to having more engery he goes out playing basketball with his brother's and little sister so that is a big plus.

Michael's local cardiologist want's to see Michael back in his office this friday if not sooner he alway's say's with Michael you never no what to think about him so he just want's to keep a close eye on him for right now.