[Just diagnosed with this]

Author: Martha (---.eonet.net)

Date: 06-06-02 20:03

A nurse friend sent me this website after I finally got back to my home after ending up in the hospital while visiting my daughter in Dallas. What a total

shock. I've always thought I was perfectly healthy. The past few months I have

had a problem sleeping at night with my heart racing so, then along with that, I thought I was developing asthma. Guess that sounds awfully dumb to you that

know what this condition really is, but my doctor said I was just denying my true symptoms. I can't believe there's a group of people out there who have joined together to help each other cope with this. THANK YOU! I've been reading what everyone has said and it's so good, SO GOOD to know someone else who is

looking through the world now, with the same outlook I have! This is a totally new thing to me so I'm going to be reading everyone's messages and listening to what you have to say. Depression was one of my first reactions. I've got to get that under control. Again, I'm so glad to have found this group. THANK YOU!


[Re: Just diagnosed with this]

Author: bill flanagan (204.164.62.---)

Date: 06-06-02 20:55

what you state is so true and from the heart. Hopefully this site will be able to assist your while you travel on the new health path. For years the medicial community was treating me for sports induced asthma. Well we have found out something else was at play. You will find not only sound advice within these screens but also comfort that others have traveled and are willing to share.



[Re: Just diagnosed with this]

Author: Board Moderator--Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 06-06-02 21:06

Dear Martha,

I'm glad you found us! Please explore the rest of this web site as it has great information. There is also a patient's guide to HCM that you can order through the office.

Lisa likes to speak with each new HCM patient in person so we can hook you up with an HCM specialist if you don't already have one. The number to call is 973-983-7429.

Definitely read as much of the message board as you can as there is some great info here, but always feel free to post any questions here. I'm the official moderator and I check the board several times a day. If it is urgent, please call the office.

It is normal to be depressed at first, especially since many doctors think this is a very rare and bad disease when, in fact, it is not. Most HCM patients live a full life span. all the more reason to see a specialist. The knowledge about HCM is growing every day.

take care,



[Re: Just diagnosed with this]

Author: Lisa (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 06-07-02 08:59


I am very happy you found us and that you know you are far from alone! Take your time to get well educated and feel free to call the office any time.

We are all here to help you learn, cope and laugh sometimes..people forget how import that it is!

My best wishes to you!

Lisa Salberg