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  • Sleep..please

    I come on here from time to time early in the morning. I'm lucky to get 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. I see that there are a lot of others that are unable to sleep, too. Some post late at night, others early morning.
    I can't take naps during the week because I work 8 - 5, so I know I am not getting too much sleep during the day. Could it be the stress we are all under? How many of us take some kind of sleeping pill and/or medication like paxil, valium, etc.?

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    Re: Sleep..please

    Guilty as charged!

    I'd give my left ___ to get a good night's sleep. (Fill in the blank as you see fit.) It doesn't seem to matter how busy my day is, or how absolutely exhausted i am at bedtime... i just can't sleep. Even five hours straight through would be a blessing right now. Lately i've found myself here reading the board or chatting with Burton until 3:00 am or so... and as much as i like this place i'd very much rather be in bed sleeping!

    I haven't asked my physician for any sleep meds yet. The few times i've taken them in the past didn't work out so well for me. I was rather hoping that once i reached a certain level of exhaustion, i'd finally start sleeping again but this hasn't yet turned out to be the case.

    "Some days you're the dog... some days you're the hydrant."


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      Re: Sleep..please

      I have problems sometimes sleeping at night but I usually take a sleeping tablet prescribed by my cardiologist and which he asked not to take them every night because i might get hooked on them - but if i do not take them i cannot sleep and then having to work the next day makes me feel horrible so i do take them every night and pray that they work.

      \"With God all things are possible - remember He is still in the miracle business - just trust Him and keep the Faith\"


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        Re: Sleep..please

        I guess Iím guilty too. I get into bed and fall into an exhausted sleep in under five seconds Ė but Iím up again in 90 to 150 minutes. I get up for awhile and then go back to sleep again for another hour or so, and sometimes I can do it again for a third time, but Iím usually up before dawn.

        During the day I can fall asleep anywhere Ė doctorís offices, in the car waiting for Shirley (except when itís hot and I have to go into the store) etc. I also find myself falling asleep at the computer for five seconds or less at a time. (I know this from playing a timed game.) I will occasionally sit down to watch a TV program and miss it because I sleep right through it Ė except for Jeopardy Ė that one keeps me alert.

        By dinner time I am ready to drop, but I canít go to sleep until mid-night or later. I always was an early riser, and got by for many years on five and a half to six hours sleep a night. I never used an alarm clock (until recently Ė for my wifeís sake) and I never missed getting up on time for anything. (Now I get up before the alarm and shut it off.)

        I donít know why I canít seem to get a full nights rest without getting up all the time, and then have trouble staying up during the day, but I am reasonably sure it has to do with all the drugs Iím on. Iíll bet at least a half dozen of them carry warnings about not operating machinery until you know how you tolerate it. Anyway, thatís my story, and Iím sticking to it.


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          Re: Sleep..please

          I will say that this has always been a problem for me as well. Sometimes i will lie there for hours and suddenly sit up and say," where have i been , certainly not sleeping! "Exhausted for the day I try to say "noone dies of lack of sleep." We all know of course that lack of sleep contributes to illness and dangerous driving or poor overall performance in all areas of our lives.
          The hollistic approach sometimes works well and sometimes not. I always reccommend and have had bouts of success with same.
          Making sure that all is condusive to sleep is one, comfy clean and for me a neat bed to climb into. So like the esthetics of good sleep habits. Another thing is making sure I have had a warm bath or shower , nothing invigorating
          Perhaps burning a candle scented in lavender . This scent is used with success with alzheimers patients to calm them.
          Let's face it sometimes night time has a lot of expectations that we sleep.
          Sometimes I use self talk to redirect my thoughts away from rehashing the days events and everyone's including my own problems. I give myself permission to pick my troubles and worries up the very next morning. Somehow it never happens, the distracting thoughts do not seem to interfer with my day only at night do they seem to plague me. Another thing to avoid is troubling conversation or disturbing TV close to bedtime. We are all just big kids and we would not subject children to what we subject ourselves to and then expect them to sleep would we? Soothing music sometimes can help or it might trigger more ideas.
          Lying in the same chamber of torture being sleepless is not going to help , so get up and go to another area before trying to come back to bed.
          Reading and then leaving a small light on might be soothing .
          Not being so over tired by bedtime is a biggy, we don't always expect children to sleep when we put them down for a nap, just that they rest and stop for a little while. So give it a try.
          One thing that really would work when I worked in a psch hospital at night was to 1st tell the patient to go get a glass of milk and if i could get the kitchen to cooperate i would have a small stash of turkey sandwiches on hand. I would have them sit with me in a quiet place eating the sandwich and drinking the milk and i would talk softly to them about light subjects, no question and answer stuff. It was never too long before they would be yawning up a storm. Somewhat bored listening and yes you may have guessed it , the triptophan had kicked in. It is why we get tired after eating turkey and it is does kick in when milk warms in our bellies.

          Now if none of these suggestions have helped you break the cycle your sleeplessness has created then., by all means ask your pcp who should be understanding to the problems and worries of having a chronic heart disease, to prescibe something like Ambien. I suggest caution as it is a powerfull little pill . I have used 5mgs over several nights to a week and found it helped reverse the insanity. The necessity to rely on it can be addictive. So watch it and after several successfull nights with it relax and skip it . What you are really trying to do here is get yor sarcadion rhythm back into proper sequence ,not become a zombie. It is not supposed to but it does leave me feeling a little stupid in the morning but it wears off pretty good. Never take it after 1-1:30am. By then it is prob too late and won't work well.

          Anyone sleeping yet? I am feeling kind of tired writing all this so I am going to go rest for 15. I only hope that this works or helps someone or all of my fellow insomniacs. Sweet Dreams.

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            Re: Sleep..please

            I have no problem sleeping - however I take a large dose of beta blockers right before bed - you may want to talk to your doc about timing your meds to help you sleep better.

            Best wishes,
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            Currently not obstructed
            Complications - unnecessary pacemaker and stroke (unrelated to each other)


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              Re: Sleep..please

              I take 360mg a day of a calcium channel blocker i have no problems sleeping


              P.S there are still nights that i do have trouble sleeping i just read or something and get tired enough to fall asleep

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                Re: Sleep..please

                I go to sleep very quickly. Anytime that I sit still for a couple of minutes I fall asleep. It is unusual for me to see a full movie. However, I wake up from 2 to 3 times a night, but I always go right back to sleep. If I go to sleep in the afternoon, I will usually sleep for a couple of hours. My biggest HOMC problem is that I am tired all of the time no matter how much that I sleep
                septal myectomy on Jan. 27, 2005