HI everybody! I have been feeling really crappy lately and I was wondering if any of you being paced can "feel" your heart beats or like a slight discomfort in your heart beats, something doesn't feel right to me. I seen my cardiologist and I worn a halter about 1-2 weeks ago for 24 hours (of course that was a good day) and it caught some premature beats and once my heart rate got up to 122bpm and the doctor said that I'm like been 1005 paced and sometimes my heart is trying to sqeeze its own rythm in here and there. I have been hyperthyriod too for some months too, and about 1 month ago the endocrinologist said to stop all meds for that and lets see what happens if my Iodine levels in my blood goes up or down, a couple a weeks after that I found out mu levels were still high and to start the meds again, of course all my symtoms came back and I still feel bad even knowing now my blood levels are almost normal now, unless I got a false reading? But anyways I just don't know what to make out of these feelings I'm having with my heart, kinda feels like my heart is taking 4-5 big stretches and I kinda feel like I need to slow down or stop what ever I'm doing until that feeling goes away.