[I C D is great]

Author: Gord (---.reverse.accesscomm.ca)

Date: 06-01-02 10:41

Just got home from surgery. I feel better than before the procedure.

I' ve had this all my life and don't understand why it gets thicker or you reach a point of feeling it's better. Maybe it's the drugs, but this device has changed my


The day out of hospital I walked for miles and did not get tired, exhusted or out of breath. Right now my heart is in training, the device is working at 80 % .

The down side is the sore shoulder and not much sleep( short naps make you feel well rested). Trying to space out naps and getting some exercise(mild).

If any body wants to know more of the affects of before and after. I will answer your questions.

P.S. Edmonton University Hospital is geat place to have it done the staff ar excellent.


[Re: I C D is great]

Author: Bob (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 06-01-02 16:21

Hi Gord,

I'm glad to hear you're doing so well. Is the 80% you mentioned the pacing being performed by the device? Dou you have dual chamber pacing, as I do? If not, then I'm a little confused because the ICD function itself normally only triggers in an emergecncy. I'm just curious what the ICD is doing that makes youu feel better?

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Author: Ronnie (---.tnt1.columbus.ms.temp.da.uu.net)

Date: 06-02-02 08:09

glad you are feeling better. I received my ICD about 1 month ago and I am feeling great also. Take care of yourself for the first couple of weeks to protect the leads. Good luck


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Author: Gord (---.reverse.accesscomm.ca)

Date: 06-02-02 21:26

I do applogize on that but this model controls the arrthyimas. There are three leads,one of which is reciever. As the heart beats it detects, and reacts to or counter reacts to the what is going on. The 80 % is control factor of which the device is in control. After 6 weeks, my first visit back to docs they will turn it down some. This actually get the heart in a pattern and hopefully it will hold the pattern.

Asd for me i just have an aeorta valve that is in an hour glass shape and the bottom of my heart is quite thick( don't have the stats on thickness yet).


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Author: lisa (208.47.172.---)

Date: 06-05-02 11:12

I believe you are refering to a "biVentricular" unit, they are rather new. I am curious as to why they choose a biV unit, when were you diagnosed and how old are you? if you do not wish to respond to the board please email me directly. I am very interested in your situation.

Thank you,

Lisa Salberg





[Re: I C D is great]

Author: Lorie (---.reverse.accesscomm.ca)

Date: 06-28-02 04:22

Hi Lisa, I answered you're question to my husband in my posting Hubby Had ICD. Any more question and both Gord and I will answer.