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Bell's Palsy Or Stroke?


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  • Bell's Palsy Or Stroke?

    HERE WE ARE AGAIN!!! We have been back to the ER. Left with more confusion than before! Tommy (hubby) woke up Sun am with left facial numbness & paralysis along with left arm & hand numbness. Numbness lasted about 6 hours in face & arm. Without any tests 1st ER says Bell's Palsy, 2nd ER says Bell's Palsy due to negative CT Scan. Yet, they agree that the numbness at onset of facial paralysis, control of eye lid movement and the tongue not being involved is contradictory to Bell's Palsy. Wants him to see Primary and have them order a MRI. which we do today. Has anyone experianced simaliar symptoms? I'm concern that it may be a misdiagnosis due to his history.
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    Re: Bell's Palsy Or Stroke?

    Hi Tommysgirl,
    I had a stroke last year. It involved my left leg, my jaw and my taste buds. I could still walk on my leg, but it felt numb and didn’t respond to my desires to well. My jaw hurt for a little over a day, my taste buds were off for about eight hours, and my leg for three days. I worked at it and got it working properly again after that.

    I was in the hospital for other causes at that time, and they ran an EKG, and an echo as a matter of course, but they also ran a CT scan, an MRI and a manometer scan. I don’t know which one confirmed that I had a stroke, but after three days I was fine again, and have had no problems with it since.

    Sounds to me like Tommy had an even smaller stroke then I did. I mean there are indications that it was not Bell’s, so why think it was?


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      Re: Bell's Palsy Or Stroke?

      Yes,this sounds VERY familiar!!! This is what happened to me when I had my stroke. Please call YOUR doctor and discuss this ASAP.

      Do blood work - check for bacteria - I had endocaditis and my stroke was the first sign anything was wrong. Has he had any dental work or infections in his mouth recently?

      Please take this VERY SERIOUSLY. While it may be a passing item - it could be VERY serious.

      Let us know what happens -

      Best wishes,
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        Re: Bell's Palsy Or Stroke?

        last year i had bell's palsy ,all symptoms were in my face .bell's palsy effects one of the cranial nerves so it shouldnt involve his hand or arm,but we are all a little different!! good luck ,Rich
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