[HCM Questions..IMPORTANT!]

Author: Emmanuel (---.dsl.lax.megapath.net)

Date: 05-29-02 20:49

Hello my name is Emmanuel.

i've been diagnose with hcm last year nov182001 and currently taking diltiazem 120mg twice a day

I was just wondering if sex or masturbations is good or bad for HCM patients.

also is caffeine really bad for hcm patients.. what are the side affects of it..i know shortness of breath because i ate chocholate cookies whith milk..thaen one hour ago i started having shortness of breath till 5 days...i was wondering if this last more thatn five days...cause right now i'm still having shortness of brewath like 4 times a day.....ONE THING I AM GOING TO MARY LANF to participate on trials

Gene mutation

linkage analysis

mapping of genes

and polymorphism

these are the stff that they are going to do ... also i'v been feeling something weired in my body for the last two years like something is moving in my body..its like a worm that keeps traveling in my body...does anyone know what is it...sometimes it travels in my head near my eye brows....please help...anyway i'll cath all you later when i come back from mary land...emmanuel Andin


[Re: HCM Questions..IMPORTANT!]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 05-29-02 21:00


You have asked some interesting questions. According to those I have spoken to regarding sex and HCM, I have been told that it is perfectly fine for those with HCM to have "normal" sex lives.

Caffine can be a triger for some people to have arrythmia, you should talk to your own doctor about this. I can not say if the chocolate cookies lead to your shortness of breath, it does not sound likely.

Before you get involved with "trials" why dont you do something about your symtoms? Genetic mapping will do nothing to improve your quality of life. I can help you find some doctors that can assist you in improving your quaility of life.

Regarding your question about your head, I have no idea what that maybe.

Best wishes,

Lisa Salberg



[Re: HCM Questions..IMPORTANT!]

Author: Dora (---.proxy.aol.com)

Date: 05-29-02 22:50

I sometimes get a back ache and there have been times that it felt like something was crawling under my skin. I have also been getting terrible pains in my chest right above my v in my chest bone. And since that started I have been having something feel like it is moving right under my bone. The best way to explain it is, it feels like I am pregnent and the baby is moving. But of course I know I am not pregnent because I had a hysteractmy in 1995. It is really whird. I have never heard anybody else mention about it.

Dora J


[Re: HCM Questions..IMPORTANT!]

Author: Emmanuel (---.dsl.lax.megapath.net)

Date: 05-30-02 18:32

thank you Sarah...Emmnuel