Well first a little story -

I have been going to a little Norweigan retreat since I was a kid, it is called (no laughing here) LAND OF THE VIKINGS, in Sherman PA. Last winter while there I found out that someone else had HCM (this could go under that small world thread!). I then looked around and honestly had a bit of a panic - we were 30 miles from the nearest hospital and 10 miles from the nearest fire / firstaid station - which was all volunteer. I asked if there had been any problems with lack of access to first aid at "LOV" and was shocked to find out that a man had died from a cardiac arrest on the dance floor within the past year.

I gathered the President of our lodge and the operator of LOV and suggested an AED. They thought it was a great idea.... but who was paying???? Well the next glitch was the woman who had run LOV left and some new people took over. The new operators turned out to be great news, one of them was a former EMT who was as freaked out as I was about the lack of services available in that remote area of PA.

I just got home from a wake/viewing of a neighborhood resident how passed away from advanced cancer (STOP SMOKING PLEASE!!!). I ran into Joe the Pres. of our lodge - he made a bee line to me. LISA great news we got the funding and the AED is coming this week. Well - It took 1 year and 3 months - but LOV will have an AED!!!

Having more Automatic External Defibrillators is great news for everyone! The moral to my little tale - Never give up!!