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issue at work


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  • issue at work

    I sent out a message a couple of weeks ago about my Brady episode. I was getting ready for work that morning when it all happened. The other day I found out that my work gave me an absence, time off with no pay and no way to make up and points. I don't know how many of you work with a point system but it is rather degrading. Any how, I couldn't believe it. I asked my boss, what was I supposed to do??? Call off in the ambulance...

    Currently I am working my way up the coorporate ladder attempting to find the answer to all this. This isn't right or fair. Which would they rather me do? Pass out at work and collect workers comp? I saw the earlier FMLA posting but I was wondering if anyone else has butted heads completely at work?

    Don't worry guys, I won't give up until I get the answer I want from them.

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    Re: issue at work


    This is ridiculous! I would certainly keep pushing it up the ladder. I don't have any answers because I work in China, which makes my situation very different. But even here, where it is your family's job to get you up and down as many flights of steps as necessary if you need to go to the hospital, they have been more cooperative with my problems this year than it sounds like your work is.

    So, no advice from here, just a rooting section saying, "go for it!"



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      Re: issue at work


      Lisa has been in HR for almost 20 years. Please call the office and make an appointment to discuss your situation with her as she will have a ton of information for you on how to deal with the office.

      Take care,


      PS I hope you are feeling better. (and sending our your resume!!!)


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        Re: issue at work

        Wish I could tell you that it is easy to get off. I just had a half a point on my record card at Disney because I didn't clock out when I was hauled out on an ambulance. My advice is just get the FMLA and let them deal with the government on the matter. Sometimes it is more stressful trying to get that point off than going ahead and making sure it doesn't happen again. Trust me. I've had lots of bad work experiences with my health issues.

        Mary S.


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          Re: issue at work

          Back around 21 years ago, when I was working for a major bank – as a vice president, with unlimited sick leave – one year I was out for six weeks – three times. When I returned from the third leave my boss said I was out too much, and he was deducting two weeks from my accumulated vacation. (We got six weeks a year.)

          He had done that to a couple of people who just knuckled under, but I thought better of it. I went to the vice president of Personnel and filed an official complaint. By afternoon my vacation time had been restored, I had an official letter of apology from the head of Personnel, My boss was reprimanded, a copy of which went into his records – and everybody he had docked had their vacation time reinstated. Thereafter he was afraid to look at me cross eyed, and I was the local hero to the others. It took a little fence mending to reestablish a good working relationship, but we got there.

          It is amazing what you can accomplish if you know what to say – to whom – and how to word it. There are all kinds of laws pertaining to employee – employer relations. The trick is to let them know you are aware of your rights, but would prefer to settle it amicably if possible. Never threaten, just let them know that you know, and are trying to avoid any conflict. The bigger the company, the quicker they will wish to settle things peacefully. The trick is to use your computer to check the federal and state laws that pertain to your situation before making any false steps.

          Sometimes I think there should be a college course called, “Creative Complaining.” It would probably do more good then many of the required courses we have today.


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            Re: issue at work

            I cant beleive they would do that to you . I agree with everyone else, keep pushing it. Keep your documentation of where you went to the hospital/doctor/ambulence that day and dont give up. Eventually they have to see its not like you chose to take the day off and sit around on your sofa. You had a legitimate reason for your absence and should not be pentalized for it. Good luck.
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