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Another trip to the E.R(vent)


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  • Another trip to the E.R(vent)

    I have been having really severe 'skipped beats(or whatever they are) the past few days, but tonight I had a few whammies right in a row that really hurt and stole my breath away. I also felt really lightheaded and had to lay down for a minute. So we went to the ER, and after a fairly thorough examination including bloodwork I was sent home. The Dr said they were normal. HUH?!?!? They didn't feel normal, they nearly knocked me off my feet. My resting heart rate was 60ish, my BP was 100/55, so I guess that was good.

    He brought up the whole anxiety issue. I am so frustrated, I can not live with feeling like this day in and day out. I see my new cardiologist on Monday, and will hopefully get some answers and a med change out of him.
    Ok, I am done with the pity party, I feel really sluggish so am going to head to bed.

    Take care all,
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    Re: Another trip to the E.R(vent)

    Dear Pam,

    It sounds like you have reason to vent. I am no expert, but my concept is that unless you have a heart attack they can't really tell what happened. Once a rhythm problem is past. it does not leave a tell-tale pattern on the ekg. So, they can't know anything after the fact. As far as the anxiety is concerned, it is pretty normal, I think, to be anxious when your heart keeps going crazy. I tend to be pretty rational most of the time, but when my heart went crazy all the time just before I was diagnosed, I was afraid to cross the streets here in Beijing. I figured that I would either fall or faint right in front of a car as it sped up just to watch me run - a common occurrance. Is that anxiety? Yes. Is it rational? Yes. So, if I were you I would ask myself, "Is it rational to be anxious when your heart stops for five beats?" My answer to that question having experienced that sensation on a number of occasions would be "Yes."

    So, I will pray that you get medicine that helps so you can relax and not feel anxious.



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      Re: Another trip to the E.R(vent)

      Hi Pam.

      Wow! What you describe must have been scary. I too find it frustrating when doctors tell me, “We find nothing.” And you know that something definitely did take place. Were you able to tell the Dr. that you have HCM?

      I hope you will have a great experience with your new cardiologist on Monday. Stay strong. You know your body better than anyone.


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        Re: Another trip to the E.R(vent)

        Hi Pam,

        Sorry to hear about your ER experience! HCM can be such a tricky little bugger sometimes. We experience all these scary symptoms, and finally get to the point where we feel the need to go to the ER... then as soon as they hook up the ol' monitor, our hearts decide to calm down and make liars out of us! LoL. What is it that Lisa says? Heart monitors cure HCM?

        Learning how to respond to all of the various symptoms you feel is one of the chores of living with HCM i'm afraid. How do you know if it's nothing to worry about, or if it's something that should prompt a trip to the ER? It's a little different for each of us. I hope that your new cardio will have some answers for you

        Hang in there!

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          Re: Another trip to the E.R(vent)

          Dear Pam

          ERs are just not set up to figure out HCM. You need to be on a 24 hour or longer monitor so that they can get those episodes on an ECG. They might be vtach, which would need treatment.

          HCM can be very episodic in nature and sometimess you can go long stretches feeling pretty ok and then get knocked for a loop for a while. Things like stress, anxiety, diet, and exercise can all be factors.

          Hang in there and get checked out with a monitor so you can rule out vtach.

          take care ---and have a backup plan for kids and work and such if you have bad days. We all get them.



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            Re: Another trip to the E.R(vent)

            Pam...Sorry to hear about your trip to the ER. I really hate going there. It seems that my Wife and spent more time explaining to them what is wrong with me. The staff stands there dumbfounded because my wife knows more about HCM than they do.

            I hope your feeling better now and can get on with your life...

            " Real Courage Is Being Scared To Death But Saddling-Up Anyway "


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              Re: Another trip to the E.R(vent)

              A few thought....

              1. Jim--- now get it right...heart monitors cure arrthymias!

              2. A consult with a specialist is in order.

              3. Once you have your consult - lets work on helping to educate your local ER so that they can take better care of you.

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