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Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??


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  • Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

    just thought of this...

    Do any of you have the capability of corresponding with your doctor via e-mail? Wouldn't that be great if we could?! I can say what I want to say in an e-mail, better than over the phone.
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    Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

    Hi Cynthia,
    I don’t have any doctor’s that will converse via email. I think they’re afraid we’d IM them to death. During office hours they are usually tied up seeing patients in the office. That’s why most of the time they will call you back at the end of the day, when you call them.

    I do the next best thing though. I don’t like leaving messages with the staff because they usually cut the message to a few words, and there’s no telling what the doctor thinks you said. Instead I will type out the message on the computer and fax it to the doctor’s office. He still doesn’t respond until he’s finished seeing patients, but then he knows exactly what I wanted to tell him. Out of consideration for his time I will try to make the fax as clear and concise as possible – and it usually works fine.


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      Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

      I have a couple of doctors who will correspond with me by e-mail. I have others that won't. It is an individual decision, but the ones that do usually have their e-mail address on their business cards.

      When I have e-mailed them, I have asked them in the e-mail if it is ok to correspond by e-mail, and also I limit my e-mails to impt. subjects, i.e. I wouldn't e-mail if I wouldn't call for the same thing, I never send any "junk" email to them, etc.
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        Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

        I've had several doctors correspond with me via email. This was especially helpful when trying to maintain communication with a specialist long distance. They couldn't give me advice via email, they preferred to do that by phone... but I was able to write with my current symptoms and drug-related questions, and they would call back at their convenience, which saved the doctor's time and reduced the amount of phone tag we played. You can much more easily put in writing what problems you are having than try to describe it on the phone, and you're less likely to forget something you wanted to ask as well. You also have a written record of your correspondence.
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          Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

          I have corresponded with my cardiologist and only him, no other doctor) between visits. It was a real blessing to be able to adjust my meds without having to go back to see him. I suppose he responded to it like a fax or phone call; he answered either early a.m. or in the evening. His email was on his card so I assumed it was okay. I don't email him often; believe it is a great privilege which could be withdrawn at any time.



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            Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??


            That's a good idea because my phone bill is getting high with calling doctor gilligan all the time, and it would also help me communicate with him better, i always forget something, all i can do is ask and see what they say

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              Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

              I wish my Dr corresponded via email...that sounds so convenient. I may try that fax suggestion, its easier to get all your info out that way than trying to remember it on the phone.

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                Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

                Hi All,

                I visit with Dr. Christopher Neilsen, my cardiologist, who did my Septal Ablation @ MUSC, from time to time about various questions I have. He has always been and continues to be a real down to earth, people person, and I just love him!!

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                  Re: Doctors correspond to patients via e-mail??

                  Hi, just wanted to comment on this. My kids' cardiologist does correspond with me via e-mail. It is wonderful. I've tried to call him many times in his office, but is always busy with appointments. Somtimes it would take couple of days to get back to me. Recently we've been corresponding via e-mail. The reply time is cut in half. I usually get my answers the same day. It works really well. Of course if it was an emergency situation, I would diffinately call, but for non emergency questions it works really, really well.
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