Author: Susan Dearinger (---.cox-internet.com)

Date: 05-18-02 22:53

A big thank you to Lisa who took the time to call me to discuss my husband's case of HCM or LVH (the jury is still out) with me and give me names of docs who specialize in this area of cardiology. I am grateful for the HCMA and the work that is being done in this area. I plan to get my hubby to a knowledgeable doc as soon as possible and have my two kids (age 11 and 13) screened to be safe. I am in awe of Lisa, having HCM, having an ICD, working full time, raising kids, running the HCMA, traveling all over the place for folks like me, etc.... Hats off to you girl

A thousand thanks,

Susan Dearinger from Paris, Texas


[Re: Thanks]

Author: lisa (208.47.172.---)

Date: 05-20-02 15:17

Your Welcome!