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Stem Cell and Cardiac Miracles


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  • Stem Cell and Cardiac Miracles

    Did anybody see the program Innovations on public broadcasting. I watched it here in Oregon and it blew me across the room.

    It started out with the trials and successes of stem cells being implanted in quadrapligics(sp) and then went to heart attacks and ended with a young man (16 yrs old) who was shot in the heart with a nail gun.

    Bottom line is that the 16 yr. old was told he needed a heart transplant and fortunately for him his cardiologist had been watching (I believe I can't remember for sure but I taped it ) trials in germany and Persia with stem cells being inserted in the heart thru angio in the leg. They performed this and the young man is now in school and was released recently by his cardiologist for full athelitics. Showed his angio both in the ER and after.

    This program also followed a 40 yr. old man who had a heart attack and 2/3 of his heart was dead and his prognosis was dismal. He is now 100% without surgery. They also showed his angio's before and after.

    The cardiologist of the young man said that this whole stem cell treatment is absoultely phenomenal. He said out of thousands of people he has seen and treated he's never seen anything like this and that it will completely change the lives of anyone with cardio problems in the future.

    What really caught me is how they showed how well the heart pumped once it was repaired. How exciting!!!

    I of course summarized the above. I know that if your interested in what I have shared, you can purchase a copy of it thru Public Broadcasting. What an exciting time in history. And I thought I'd seen a lot in cardio in my lifetime.

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    Re: Stem Cell and Cardiac Miracles

    Isn't modern medicine a miracle???


    Husband has HCM.
    3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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      Re: Stem Cell and Cardiac Miracles

      I see this mordern miracal called medicine at work everyday. On the surgical oncology unit we see them through every phase. Pre-op and mainly post-op. AFter a few days you see people walk out of the hospital who just a few years prior would have been given a death sentence.

      I am so glad to be able to be apart of this. Just imagine what the next few years will bring us.

      It is something my friend John always reminds me of. When we were talking about my retirement options the other day. I said I wanted to save a lot because I want to be able to retire early when my hcm gets too bad. He told me that it was fine to save the money but he felt that medicine will do great things for us. He is my optimisim when I get to looking to much on the dark side.

      With love and modern miracles anything can happen!

      Mary S.