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Low heart rate and HCM


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  • Low heart rate and HCM

    [Low heart rate and HCM]

    Author: A (---.bournemouth.ac.uk)

    Date: 05-14-02 06:33

    I am 25 years old, and was an international standard long distance runner until I was 17, when I discovered 'sex drugs and rock n roll'! Since then I have lived an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle - heavy smoking and drinking, no excercise, junk food etc etc.

    For the last few years, I have had the feeling that 'something is not quite right'. My symptoms are rarely serious, but I do have the odd dizzy spell, and occasional irregularities or "skips" in my heart, as well as occasional chest pain during extreme exertion (I have always put this down to my general lack of fitness).

    The thing that really struck a chord reading this board was that lots of people said they had an "awareness" of their heart beating, especially at night. This happens to me almost every night - my heart just seems to be beating too strongly, somehow! (although not if I have a couple of glasses of wine before bed)

    All my blood relatives are alive and well, including grandparents living well into their 80s.

    My question is this - can a low heart rate (mine is around 45-60) be a symptom of HCM? It's just that most of you seem to be on beta-blockers, which as I understand it, are a drug that slows the heart rate.

    Anyhow, if there is anything wrong with me or not, I admire you all. Not only do you all seem to be fighting this disease but it seems you are winning! I realise you cannot provide diagnosis, and I will go to see the doc anyway. But I was also interested in hearing stories as to how you discovered you had the disease? If you don't want to waste time with a hypochondriac like me, no offence will be taken!


    [Re: Low heart rate and HCM]

    Author: Glen (---.com)

    Date: 05-14-02 08:29

    Hi A

    Some of what you say is consistent with HCM, that being occational chest pain, dizzy, pounding heart most noticable at night and the skipped heart beat which is probably premature heart beat. Premature heart beat starts with two quick beats and then a pause and then a stronger than usual beat. The stronger beat usually makes you aware that something just happened and it feels like a skipped beat. The stronger beat is caused by the pause which allows the heart chamber to fill more so on the next beat it works harder to pump it out. Usually premature beat is not a concern, but you need to see a doctor preferably an HCM specialist. The slow beat without medication is odd, usually HCM peolple complain of the opposite, palpatation.

    All of the above symptoms can be caused by things other than HCM, so don't wait around, go see a doctor and mention HCM to him.

    Good Luck



    [Re: Low heart rate and HCM]

    Author: s. beckley -moderator (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 05-14-02 13:02

    Dear A,

    Glen is correct in stating that many things can cause the symptoms you describe.

    Since you ask about how people were diagnosed....I was 13 and went to the doctor with a sore throat and they discovered a heart murmur that no one had heard before. I didn't have any symptoms at that point. My mom has HCM, but we hadn't been given echocardiograms yet (this was before they really knew it was hereditary). So I got an echocardiogram and I had it.

    Considering your lifestyle, you could have any number of things that are causing your palpitations and symptoms. Thyroid disorders also cause heart palps, too. Please see a doctor as soon as possible and weed out the cause and get some treatment.

    take care,



    [Re: Low heart rate and HCM]

    Author: Brie Rodighiero (---.dialup.sndg02.pacbell.net)

    Date: 05-15-02 17:52

    Hey A!

    I can relate to your story. I was a very competitive dancer growing up and quit when I was 17. I too, discovered "drugs, sex and rock no roll" I lived a very unhealthy life style untill I was 22 (I will be 24 in a few weeks). I learned to eat well and work out offen, but to this day I still drink a little. (Currently trying to stop drinking in general, as it is very bad for the HMC)

    I was around 16 when my doctor noticed a heart mummer and he wanted me to follow it up. But I never did and it was left alone. But as the years past I noticed dizziness, breathlessness, heart paps, weakness and chest pains. So I finally had it checked out with my current general doctor with an in office EKG almost a year ago. He said my results were "funking" (Yes, he used that word) and reffered me to a Cardiologist. Well after many tests I was told I have HCM.

    Now, like Glen and Sarah said, there could be other things wrong with you that are causing these symptoms. But just in case you should see a doctor and exlpain everything to them and maybe even ask for a EKG. It's a very simple test that doesn't take long.

    I'm sorry I don't know any thing about the low heart rate. But I wish you luck. Let us know what the doctor says.



    [Re: Low heart rate and HCM]

    Author: lisa (208.47.172.---)

    Date: 05-20-02 16:51

    Let me chime in...

    1st see your doctor and discuss your concerns. If you were a well conditioned runner your heart rate may be low due to the training, although if you have not kept up on the running it would be odd to maintain the low heart rate, but I have heard stranger things.

    You need an EKG, a check up by a dr and possibly an echocardiogram to rule out HCM. Or rule it in.

    Move slow... dump the bad habits and see a dr. even if you have HCM... you have a great chance of a normal life! How ever you may define NORMAL

    All the Best,

    Lisa Salberg

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.

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