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what's next?


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  • what's next?

    [what's next?]

    Author: Sherry (---.ras11.floca.tii-dial.net)

    Date: 05-05-02 00:22

    We have been through two Alcohol Ablasions, a triple CABG, and a Myectomy in less than one year. Tommy (my husband) had arrythmias after surgery and was put on amiodarone for a few weeks. He is now on Toprol XL 100mg, Norvac 10mg, Zocor 40mg, Cozaar 50mg, and aspirin daily. He doesn't have high cholesterol. He was put on the Zocor, due to a new study released on HCM. He still has symptoms daily. Some days are very bad. I came in from work one night this week, to find him leaning on the stove cooking. He went directly to the bed, when he saw I was home. He told me that he was about to pass out while cooking for the kids. It bothers him to know that he could black out with the kids home with him. We have voiced our concerns to the specialist and seem to get no where. He tried cardiac rehab. The P. T. team freaked when they saw how fast his bp and heart rate increased. He wasn't allowed to work out on anything, it all raised his rates to high! They finally said he had graduated, yet all he did was walk on the tredmill on SLOW for a few minutes three times a week. They haven't been able to find any type of rythm problems on the numerous holters he's worn. His synacope is unexplainable we are told. He can't do much without feeling wore out for days. I know that there are indications that the Toprol XL can make him feel like that. But he felt like that with the Lopressor and even before it. We feel lost at this time. I have to work full time now to support us. He will be home with the kids this summer. He is scared to take them far or even out in the heat for long, due to not knowing what effect it might have on him. Is there any suggestions for us out there?


    [Re: what's next?]

    Author: s. beckley -moderator (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 05-05-02 10:57

    Dear Sherry

    Is Tommy seeing a doctor that the HCMA referred you to? I think it time for a second opinion. Please call the office at 973-983-7429 tomorrow to get the name of someoen else. Has he been evaluated for a pacemaker? If not, why not? It seems that it may be time for that.

    I'm sorry this is so hard and so scary.

    take care,



    [Re: what's next?]

    Author: Lisa (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 05-05-02 11:35

    My first question is where is he being followed??? This sounds a little out of control to me. I will be going out of town for the NASPE meeting in San Diego on Tuesday, but will be in the office Tuesday morning. Please call the office.

    Lisa Salberg



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