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Author: Susan (---.ceg.com)

Date: 05-03-02 16:17

Hi, I've been on reading this message board for several months now, so I think this is the best place for my question first. Last night after feeling pretty good for several weeks I was just sitting down to watch TV when my heart started pounding and I got really lightheaded. ( I have had the racing/pounding heart before but never got lightheaded and dizzy feeling.) I also found it difficult to breathe (which I've had before also, but this was a little different somehow). This went on for about 20-30 minutes then went away as fast as it started. Afterwards I had a little achiness on the left side of my chest. The only meds I am on is 75mg of atenenol once a day. I take 50mg in the morning and 25mg in the evening. I have read that a lot of HCM patients have a-fib. Could this be a-fib? I just had a monitor test done but it was an event monitor. Meaning that it did not record anything unless I pushed the button. I did record 10 events but my cardio said all was normal, nothing unusual. I'm beginning to think that maybe I need to do the holter monitor where it records everything your heart does for 24 - 48 hours. Can anyone shed some light on what this could be before I call my HCM doc?


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Author: beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 05-03-02 17:43

Dear Susan

Atrial fibrillation usually doesn't come and go that fast. It likes to come and stay a while. Some here have it for a few hours till the medication kicks in, or some of us have it for days and weeks. It could have been super-duper tachycardia (ok, not a technical name, but you know what I mean) or afib or something else. There are several kinds of funny little variations on palpitations. Afib has never made me dizzy, but that is just me.

I think a Holter would be good place to start and I would call your doctor first thing.

Let us know how it goes,



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Author: Amy (---.bna.bellsouth.net)

Date: 05-07-02 01:24


Ask for a 48 hour holter monitor, or longer if you can. HCM patients can have varing forms of arrhythmias, and there is a better chance of picking up on them with a 48 hour holter, the events can happen while sleeping, and can vary a great deal from one day to another. What you discribes sounds like a form of tachcardia in which your heart beats too fast to pump the blood to the other parts of the body with any effectiveness.