I got the crap scared out of me this morning my 28 year old son called me this morning and told me he had a wreck in his aunts car, which she doesn't know about yet and it was his fault he rear ended someone, he told me he had to go and never said if he was alright, of course being a mother i became a nervous wreck, i have since talk to him and he is alright but i don't know if i'm going to be alright since my chest is now bothering me a little, i think it was the stress of it all and not knowing anything for a while, i told him to never do that to his mother again, i don't think my heart could take this again, i took another nerve pill and called my husband, he is coming home i told him i think it's just angina from me getting upset and that he didn't need to come home but he said he was coming home, it's a catch 22 if i didn't tell him he would get mad that i didn't, and then i tell him and he drives me crazy, but i still love him, you gotta love em. Everyone take care