[Toprol XL versus Generic Metoprolol]

Author: Bob (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 04-27-02 23:16

Hi All,

There have been many postings over time discussing the side effects sometimes associated with Toprol XL; severe tiredness is a frequent complaint. My recent experience may be of interest to some who have had this problem.

Toprol XL is the extended release form of the beta-blocker Metoprolol. It's advantage over the generic form is that only one dose daily is required. I had been taking 100mg Toprol XL daily. I did experience a fatigue period daily, peaking at about 6 hours after taking the medication. It was annoying, but bearable and I learned to live with it.

When my prescription drug copayment doubled this year, I learned I could save $20 monthly by switching to the generic Metoprolol; it just meant I would have to take two 50mg divided doses daily instead of the single 100mg pill. It was worth a try, so I discussed it with my cardiologist and he agreed.

Having been on the Metoprolol for 3 weeks, I have not noticed any significant change in heartrate or blood pressure lowering effects versus the Toprol. However, I was pleasantly surprised that my daily bouts of fatigue have almost totally disappeared. For me, the inconvenience of taking 2 pills 12 hours apart, versus a single pill daily, has paid off in more ways than one. Has anyone else had a similar experience?



[Re: Toprol XL versus Generic Metoprolol]

Author: Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 04-28-02 13:18

Dear Bob

I split my 80 mg of nadolol between morning and night so I have a more even delivery and less "lack of concentration."

I'm sure this is true for a lot of us.



[Re: Toprol XL versus Generic Metoprolol]

Author: Lisa Salberg (---.dyn.optonline.net)

Date: 04-28-02 19:19

These are both good points, however a word of caution to all. DO NOT let the insurance provider make your medication choices for you, make sure your health care providers know what is going on and you discuss the matter completely with them. While some generic medications are fine others may be lacking componants that are working well for you.

Saving money is a good thing, but not at the expence of your health...Just be careful.

Bob, I am glad to hear that your side effects have been reduced!

Just for the record, I split my meds to morning and evening to help avoid fatigue as well. It is not like I have the time for fatigue, it has been really busy here at the HCMA...but I would NOT change it!

Best to ALL!