Next week marks our 3rd heart screening event at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS and our 6th event over all for the Anthony Bates Foundation. We have been able to offer over 1,000 FREE echocardiograms to young people in Kansas and Arizona. Over 6% of the young people screened have abnormal readings on their resting echos and are recommended to have a full cardiac exam.

Wow, what an impact we are making on the communities that we serve! We promote heart health and knowledge of HCM, we encourage young people to listen to their bodies for warning signs of heart issues, and we bring the community together to serve each other. Sometimes I look at all of this and I am amazed and honored to be a part of such a wonderful service.

If you or someone you know lives in the Kansas area of this next event and that would like to volunteer, please contact me for a spot on our team. We always have room for one more person with a warm heart and willingness to get involved. There are over 75 wonderful community volunteers, college students, doctors, nurses and echo techs already committed to making a difference during our "Make a Difference Day" event.

Event Info:
Where: Kansas State University Student Union - Anderson & 17th St., Manhattan, KS 66503
When: Sunday, October 26th, 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (12 noon K-State athletes invited to be screened)
Who: Anyone between the ages of 14 - 40 (this is strictly enforced)
Cost: FREE!!!!

Event Sponsors: Kansas State Football; Philips Medical; Acuson - A Seimens Group; Mercy Regional Medcial Center; Dr. Jim Hurtig - Manhattan Medical Associates; Topeka Cotton O'Neil Heart Center; K-State Alpha Kappa Psi; Manhattan High School Boosters; Pull-out-shelves, Phoenix, AZ; HCMA, Hibernia, NJ.

Our appreciation goes out to all the event sponsors, and volunteers. Thanks to the HCMA and Lisa for continued support, encouragement and guideance. We don't do any of this alone, it's all a team effort to educate others about HCM, to prevent sudden cardiac death on the playing field and to make this world a little better for everyone!

Thank you,
Sharon Bates