Hello everyone,
Like always things have been buzzing along here at the HCMA. We did encounter some problems with our server and it took the site down for a few days. Unfortunately... it also took our email down the very day we sent our 1st ever eNewsletter! Anyone who send email on 10/10 thru 10/13 there is a chance it was not received. So please resend those emails.

We have moved the site to a new host who has a good reputation and is much larger than the old one. I do want to mention that Porchpuppy online who designed the site - was also hosting us, however they are not in the business of hosting...they are great at design (as you can see). We thank them for their help in the past. Our new host is a large company that has many protections in place to prevent us from going "down".

The next few weeks are rather hectic as we prepare for the American Heart Associations meeting in Orlando. Not to mention the SADS meeting in Atlanta.

Be well all and keep those posting coming.... it is alway so wonderful to see this community grow and grow!

Be well,