[Going to Cleveland]

Author: Tim and Lynn Stewart (---.lexis-nexis.com)

Date: 04-24-02 14:38

Greetings everyone.

Just wanted to update you on our progress. We did go to the local cardiologist today who was actually relieved that we wanted to go to see Dr. Lever at the Cleveland Clinic. The impression we got was that Dr. Hussain (local cardiologist) may not have fully understood the disease and was welcoming the second opinion. He is even going to write a letter and send the medical records to Dr. Lever's attention.

I went ahead and made an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Lever. However, the earliest that he were accepting new patients was June 26th. Is that normal? As a frustrated husband, I would have hoped that Lynn could have been seen sooner.

Dr. Hussain does not think that we need to rush to Cleveland. He did state that her septum thickness was not too bad (1.8 cm) but that the pressure gradient was serious at 4 (whatever that means) and that he was very concerned about the mitral valve regurgitation. Based on this information, should we try to somehow escalate the trip to Cleveland or just look forward to June?

Thanks again everyone for your input!

Tim & Lynn Stewart


[Re: Going to Cleveland]

Author: Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 04-24-02 15:03

Dear Tim

It is normal for super-specialists to be booked far in advance.

Your best bet call Lever's office to ask if there is any danger in waiting till the end of June for the appointment. Let them know her gradient and septal numbers and see what they say.

Best of luck,



[Re: Going to Cleveland]

Author: Colleen Busche (---.client.attbi.com)

Date: 04-25-02 11:31

Hey guys, I just went to Cleveland last week. I had a great experience, all things considered!?!?! I met with Dr. Asher. He was very knowledgable and very thoughtful in his explanations.

I only had to wait about three weeks for an appointment. I strongly recommend that you meet with him if you don't wish to wait.

My husband and I made the roadtrip from Chicago, and were impressed with everyone we worked with at the clinic.

Good Luck!


[Re: Going to Cleveland]

Author: Susan (199.125.45.---)

Date: 04-25-02 15:00

I too go to Dr. Asher at Cleveland Clinic. He is the one that told me about this website. I called Dr. Lever's office and asked about Dr. Asher and was relieved to hear that they work together and that Dr. Asher is very experienced in HCM just like Dr. Lever. When I questioned Dr. Asher he laughed and told me not to worry I was in good hands with him!! I do like him very much and he will call you back very promptly if you have questions after you leave. I usually can get in to see him within two to three weeks. He is very good about out of town people also. I have called him twice and he is very good about returning my calls in the same day. In fact, just about everyone I have come in contact with at the Cleveland Clinic is great! I was just diagnosed about 10 months ago and like you my cardio here suggested that I go to Cleveland because he has never treated a case of HCM and yes he was relieved to see me go. I do followup with him and some of the test Dr. Asher orders are done through him. Good Luck!


[Re: Going to Cleveland]

Author: Patricia wonderly (---.56.236.57.Dial1.Buffalo1.Level3.net)

Date: 04-27-02 13:24

Hi: Dr.Lever is wonderful!!..Well worth the wait. He is very straight forward and made me fell much better emotionally and physically after my appointment.I do not think you will be disappointed, he knows his stuff.

Best of Luck!