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Memory Loss


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  • Memory Loss

    [Memory Loss]

    Author: Amy Woods (164.119.203.---)

    Date: 04-24-02 11:04

    I'm 29 but have been suffering from both short and long term memory loss for about 10 yrs. Could all the dizzy spells and lack of oxygen getting to my brain have caused this? Or do I just have a problem committing thing to memory? Think I could use the Cardiomyopathy as an excuse to why I don't remember things?


    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 04-24-02 11:31

    Dear Amy,

    Are you taking a beta-blocker? Atenolol, nadolol, metroprolol, these are all beta-blockers, which suppresses adrenelin, which in turn is used by the brain to make memories. Many people on beta-blockers experience some short-term memory problems.

    I would have to know more about you and your condition to say, but no one in my family has complained of this except my mom and hers is due to a stroke.

    Have you talked to your doctor(s) about this?



    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: AJ (---.random.habitat.org)

    Date: 04-24-02 12:04


    I am on Inderal, a beta-blocker, and have experienced both short and long term memory loss. I didn't know it was the Inderal until I saw a neurologist. I had been on the drug since I was five (I am now 27). The neurologist told me that doctors did not know back then that Inderal could cause memory loss but that they are more aware of it now.

    I would agree with Sarah. If you are on a beta-blocker, that could be causing the problem.

    Best wishes,



    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: Glen (---.com)

    Date: 04-24-02 14:16


    I was on Inderal for 30 years and have just recently been switched to Atenolol.

    I don't have the dizzy spells.

    Although, often I pause searching for a correct word in a conversation.

    I forget names and of people I know very well.

    I forget where I leave things.

    My long term memory is not nearly as good as my wife's (wives never forget anything anyway) or of people I know.

    I thought I was going senile at a young age until a couple of years ago a friend of mine who also took Inderal (not for HCM) was complaining of the same thing. Her doctor said it was the Inderal and took her off beta-blockers altogether. She says things are much better now.

    It's not the first time I have heard this about beta-blockers, but as long as I can remember where I live I guess I can live with it (that's a little bit of humour since you don't know me, it's not really all that bad just frustrating sometimes). The alternative may be worse.



    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: Dora Jackson (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 04-24-02 16:00

    Hi Amy,

    I have a lot of problems with memory loss. I am on a beta-blocker and have been since 1994. My problem started after I had my first nerves breakdown in 1986. I always contrebute it to the meds I take for depression, but now that I think of it, it got worse after I was put on the beta-blockers. I feel so stupit when I can't think of the words when I am taking to somebody.

    Then there are the times I forget appointments and important things. I had a doctor tell me if I miss an appointment again (and it was for my child who is on medication for ADHD) I could not come back, and don't you know I got busy with something and forgot it. I was so upset at myself. I will sit and ball my eyes out. I feel like it just ain't fair but there is really nothing I can do except write everything on the calendar and a lot of times that don't work.

    My 13 year old son has to take medication so he can sleep. If he waits to late to take it he has an aweful time getting up in the morning. I finally took and old pager that was no long activated and set the alarm on it, so now every night when it goes off we know it is time to take the medication.

    So now you know you are not the only one with this. Oh and I am only 40. I have been dealing with this since I was 25.



    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: Amy Woods (164.119.203.---)

    Date: 04-24-02 17:52

    Thanks everyone! I was on beta-blockers about 4 yrs ago (for about 5 yrs), could the effects be lasting? Or would the memory loss get better after I quit taking them? I'm on no medications right now (except Nexium for gastroreflux). Thanks again everyone!


    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 04-25-02 00:02

    Dear Amy

    Well, I'm not familiar with Nexium, but you can to go to the Drug Resource center at intellihealth.com and look it up and see what it says.

    Or may want to see a neurologist to rule out anything untoward.

    Your short term memory should be ok, but since the beta-blocker prevented some memories from "imprinting" there will be wholes in your long term memory that may never be filled in again.

    Sorry I don't have more info for you, but if it isn't drug-related then it is something else ---or severe stress which can cause lots of memory problems.

    take care,



    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: Wayne (---.centrelink.gov.au)

    Date: 05-03-02 00:47

    Well I'm Glad to see i'm not going crazy! I have been noticing the last couple of days that I can't think of words & forget what I was or should be doing at work, it's been really frustrating because if you asked anyone that knows me, I never forget anything!

    Is this a problem with just Inderal or all Beta Blockers? (i'm on Inderal)


    [Re: Memory Loss]

    Author: beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 05-03-02 02:04

    Dear Wayne,

    My mom called Inderal "end-it-all" it made her feel so bad. My ex-husband's ex-girlfriend had such bad nightmares from it, he would wake up to find her beating him with a pillow --she was sleeping and thinking she was beating down the monsters in her dreams. Other people have no problem with Inderal at all (sorry for the rhyme).

    However, I've taken metropolol, nadolol, sotolol, and atenolol and never had any such problems, but I did have more nightmares on metroprolol. Now I'm on nadolol and like it best. Inderal is either the first (or one of the very first) beta-blockers, so it seems to have more side effects than some newer ones. I'm always a little leery of doctors who prescribe Inderal for adults these days ----have they not kept up?

    Talk to you doctor about switching to nadolol or metroprolol (corgard, toprol) or some other, newer beta-blocker. I think you will see a difference. not that I don't have some memory issues, you will, but they should be less.

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.