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E/A Ratio


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AustinB Diagnosed with HCM at the age of 10, Am now Currently 19. Mom Diagnosed with HCM when she was a kid, also had a hole in her heart. Trying to have a strong heart with a diseased heart. Find out more about AustinB
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  • E/A Ratio

    Hey Everyone, So ive been growing worried again for the past few weeks i guess its an anxiety flare up, But i got to looking back at my echo from January (Bc ive been getting palps and stuff again) and i saw my E/A Ratio was marked Abnormal it was 2.0, And i got to looking on the internet (Worst mistake ever) and found that high E/A Ratios are known as Diastolic Dysfunction or DD, and i got to looking deeper and found Diastolic Heart failure and now im worried, My cardiologist never said anything to me about this so im concerned that he just never looked at it, (Never thought i would be thinking about all this at 19 years old) Im afraid im going down a road of Diastolic heart failure in my HCM i have a EF percent of 66%, i have Mild wall thickening but its not obstructive, and i read that Diastolic Heart failure is abnormally thick heart wall and is when your heart is unable to relax and fill properly, and thats where im worried bc ive been told HCM causes my heart to not fill properly, I dont know what to do should i really be worried and ask my cardiologist?
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    Using Google University as your medical training can often lead to things like insomnia!

    Everyone with HCM has some degree of diastolic dysfunction (and diastolic heart failure is a synonym). Because of the stiffness of our left ventricles, they don't fill properly. That's why most of us are on drugs like beta blockers, to slow our heart rates and allow the left ventricle to fill properly.

    My echo reports say something similar, and, no, my cardiologists haven't discussed it with me either. My local cardiologist's PA said "Oh, my heart's probably about like that, and I don't have HCM." I think he was trying to tell me not to sweat it -- yes, it's something to take note of, but it's not something to treat any differently.

    Now try to get a good night's sleep.

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      Hello Austin....You seem like a really bright young man. I look a lot of stuff up on google also and I'm a nurse! But when it comes to really understanding what is going on with my own heart ....I rely on my cardiologist. I just tell him ". .... in order to feel comfortable and not worry, I need you to explain my echo report to me and let me know exactly what it means to me and my prognosis. Which numbers are important to you and why? is my disease progressing or staying the same?" If he is not willing to take the time to explain things to you....than maybe you would be more comfortable with another cardiologist.
      You are young, but you are an adult and this diagnosis is with you for a lifetime......so learn about it, embrace it work with it and know it is a very manageable disease..rather than being fearful.
      An EF ejection fraction of 66% is a really normal ejection fraction which tells that your heart is pumping pretty efficiently. Words like " diastolic failure" can be scary.....because we associate the word "failure" with " stops working" which is not the case. It too is a manageable condition unless it is severe heart failure.which is not what is going on with you.
      keep asking questions and advocating for yourself..
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