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trans-esophageal echo


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  • trans-esophageal echo

    [trans-esophageal echo]

    Author: Mike Stamets (---.austin.rr.com)

    Date: 04-13-02 02:41


    I'm a 46 year old with IHSS (HCM). I've been taking 360mg per day of Verapamil for a number of years (could it be 10 years already?). In the last year I've been significantly weaker and have had three "stroke-like" incidents...TIAs, which seem to resolve, but leave me less able to handle simple physical activity like shopping or cleaning the house. My doctors are planning to do a "trans-esophageal echo" to check my heart function under stress, and to determine whether alcohol ablation might be an option. I'm a little concerned about the test, and would enjoy hearing from anyone who knows about it or has experienced it. Thanks...MikeS


    [Re: trans-esophageal echo]

    Author: Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 04-13-02 03:45

    Dear Mike,

    If you are having TIA's, shouldn't you be on Coumadin to prevent them? The second I had a TIA, I was on Coumadin immediatly and I've been informed that this will be a lifetime commitment (until they come up with something better, which they are working on). I bring it up b/c you don't mention it, so I'm just checking.

    As for TEEs, I've had three. This is what happens: They numb your throat and give you a muscle relaxant. Then they snake the echo probe down your throat. Each time I've had it done, I remember the throat spray and then nothing until I "wake up." Technically, you are conscious while they do this test, but the drugs wipe out your memory (thank god!). My recommendation is to request very heavy sedation.

    The first TEE I had was a nightmare b/c they underestimated how much medication it would take to numb my throat and so on. I ended up not being able to talk for 24 hours, my throat was so raw. They gave me so many drugs, I didn't remember a 7 hour window! (This was my highly-esteemed, nationally recognized Chicago teaching hospital in the Gold Coast area of downtown.) I'm 33, and their excuse was that they usually handle old people, who have much weaker muslce tone.

    The Mayo Clinic, however -and not surprisingly-, knows exactly how to do a TEE and the two I had there were completely painless and I only lost about an hour, maybe a little less. The next time someone here wants to do a TEE on my, I will drive myself to the Mayo and mail the results back home.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know about the Coumadin situation.



    [Re: trans-esophageal echo]

    Author: Lisa (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 04-13-02 06:43

    RE: TIA's/ TEE's

    First of all I agree with Sarah, talk to your doctor about going on a blood thinner, you may be going in and out of atrial fib and therefore may be a high raisk for a stroke. I have had a stroke, trust me this is something you want to AVOID!

    Second, What is he claiming is the purpose of the TEEE, to detirmine if your a candidate for Ablation??? frankly, this sounds very odd to me. I would strongly suggest you visit with an HCM expert to evaluate your condition fully.

    With ALL due RESPECT to doc's in the general community.... they simply do not have ample experience with HCM and therefor tend to over test and under treat or over simplify the condition in general.

    Call the office and we can discuss a specialist convienient for you.

    All the best,

    Lisa Salberg





    [Re: trans-esophageal echo]

    Author: TM (---.divernon.hansoninfosys.com)

    Date: 04-14-02 22:07

    Hey Mike-

    I had a TEE about two years ago before being diagnosed with HCM. As mentioned in previous posts, there's not really much to the procedure to be honest with you. You get an IV and before they knock you out they spray your throat with a numbing solution. Then they begin the knock-out process. Next thing I knew I was in recovery and was given an explanation of the results. Fortunately, I had no soreness to speak of. And not remembering the procedure was a good thing. I have spoken to people who have had this procedure done in a ER with no sedative, just the numbing solution and these people are still ticked about not being knocked out. So, be sure to get the sedative and you'll probably have no problems.

    Good luck to you bud-

    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.