Hi Everyone,

I know that sometimes we may post a question and wait and wait for someone to answer it. Or perhaps there are a few answers, but maybe you want more information.

Well, there is a really great solution --the SEARCH function! You can search the text of every single post in this board and the archived board! That's several years worth of riches. Many topics have been talked about a lot, as new situations come up and new people join, etc., etc.

So, by all means, post your questions, but also click on the little red link in between the FAQ and Memberlist links up above and search away.

Here are few topics that come to my mind as having a lot of info: myectomy, ablation, sports, screening, beta-blockers, calcium-channel blockers, amiodarone, congestive heart failure, and ICDs. Be sure to try several variants of your search terms (eg Tenormin, atenolol, beta-blocker or ICD, AICD, implantable defibrillator to make sure you get as many returns as possible).

take care,