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strong, forceful pulse


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  • strong, forceful pulse

    [strong, forceful pulse]

    Author: TM (---.divernon.hansoninfosys.com)

    Date: 04-10-02 23:07

    Hey gang. The messages on this board have been great and I know many people are benefitting from them. Let's keep them up and learn from one another!

    I'm 31 and have minimal thickening at this point. Blood pressure has always been great and I'm otherwise quite healthy. I'm on 100mg of Toprol XL which does a decent job of containing most HCM symptoms I have. The main symptom I have that drives me crazy, mostly at night, is my extremely strong and noticable pulse. If I sit with my hands folded behind my head, I can feel the pulse all over my head. If I look in the mirror, my carotid arteries and thumping. If I sit with my legs crossed, my foot bounces with my pulse. It's most troubling when I am laying down and trying to fall asleep because I feel it all over my head, neck and chest and I can actually hear it. During the day, when I'm active and moving around, I don't notice it as much, but it's still there.

    Has anyone else experienced this and done something, possibly changed meds, to alleviate some of that sensation? I'm looking for some tips here. I am living with this and getting through it, but if there's something I can do to make things better, I'm all ears (or in this case, eyes).

    Thanks all. God bless,



    [Re: strong, forceful pulse]

    Author: Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

    Date: 04-10-02 23:15

    Dear Tom,

    I'm 33 and I have the same problem. I can see my pulse beat in my neck (it freaks people out), I can feel it everywhere. If I sit very still, I feel as though my torso shifts with each beat. I'm on 80mg of Corgard (which is a lot) and Tikosyn (the max dose, .5mcg).

    I can only sleep on my right side, b/c I feel my heart beating too hard if I lay on my left or even on my back. I had an MRI on Saturday and I almost went out of my mind having to feel each beat while I was flat on my back.

    The only suggestion I have is sleeping on your right side. I haven't asked anyone about and I'm on the only medications I can be, so I don't think that is the answer.

    I am grateful to know I'm not the only one, though, for whatever that is worth to you!




    [Re: strong, forceful pulse]

    Author: Glen (---.com)

    Date: 04-11-02 09:07

    Hi Tom, I believe this must be fairly common for HCM as I also have the same symptoms and like Sarah I sleep or at least start on my right side. Sometimes I lay on my left side just to hear and feel my rythym to make sure it is OK. When it is I can roll over to my right side and go to sleep. I am 52 and I complained of this same thing to my doctor 30 years ago, so it doesn't go away even with meds. You just learn to live with it. Sometimes when I am stretching before I ride my bike and leaning a bit forward my whole torso will be moving back and forth to the rythym of the beat (sounds like a song I know).

    The times it bothers me the most is when I am having a bout of premature heart beat. If you don't know that is when you get two quick beats and a short pause and then the next beat is usually stonger than normal. I am told this is fairly common and not a great concern for me, but when your lying there at night it compounds itself and is quite annoying. Thankfully I don't get that very often.

    You say you have minimal thickening, I am told normal is about 11mm, I am 22mm, what is yours??

    I am actually going to see my HCM specialist Dr. Wigle at Toronto General Hosp. this tuesday and because of this site, that I just discovered two months ago, I have a whole list of new questions to ask him. I always leave wondering just how bad am I, this time I think I will know.

    Anyway, good luck and stay well.



    [Re: strong, forceful pulse]

    Author: Brie Rodighiero (---.dialup.sndg02.pacbell.net)

    Date: 04-11-02 11:19

    Hey Tom,

    I'm 23 and I too feel the same thing. I have a very had time sleeping everynight because of my strong pulse, but like Sarah, I lay down on my right side too. It tends to help a little bit!

    I'm not glad, but relieved to know that I'm not the only one who deals with this! I've never thought about asking my doctor about it, but next time I see him, I will have a long list of questions written down to ask!

    As far as the drugs go, I have taken beta-blockers and now I'm on calcium-blockers (verapamil) and neither have helped the forceful pulse! So I don't even know if drugs can help this!

    Anyhow, good luck!



    [Re: strong, forceful pulse]

    Author: Frank Myers (---.proxy.aol.com)

    Date: 04-11-02 15:06

    I'm amazed at the ages I've read regarding individuals who suffer from this condition and the amount of medication that is prescribed. I am age 70 and I was diagnosed with Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease 35-36 years ago just after returning from Vietnam. A potential, suspected, culprit was exposure to chemicals - but it can't be certain. All of the conditions you can imagine, I've been subjected to, and that is many. I'd even had a cardiac arrest 7 years ago and have an implanted defibrillator. Irrespective of all of this, I continue to exercise, step aerobics, 6 days a week and sometimes 7 days. I've found that exercise helps immensely with many of these conditions. However, I always check with my doctors before doing anything of this nature. Keeping physically fit, keeping the weight down, proper diet and all of the normal things that our medical prescribers indicate, seem to work for me. I, in my youth was a very capable athlete in Pennsylvania before the Korean War, and in the military, from which I'd retired. So my weight was much greater then, as I competed, as compared to now. My only reason for mentioning this is just to alert persons that the weight I carried, approximately 212 - 215, when competing, I cannot tolerate that bulk today. Now I weight 180 - 185. The question at hand, heavy thumping pluses, for me, which I've had, seem to subside somewhat when I keep my weight down and follow the rules. At my advanced age, it is much easier for me, as opposed to a younger individual, to be less active. Most important, I was amazed to learn of the amount of toprol that some patient are taking - realizing that some may need more than others, depending on their condition. I have problems tolerating 37 1/2 mg. of Toprol. Lisinopril - I take 15mg. AM and 15mg. PM. Those dosages are about my maximum and it took time to increase me to that amount. The side affects were horrible - numerous primary ventricular contractions and heart thumping. I also take duiretics which had to be adjusted downward. The doctors indicated that when one's heart is healing, although no cure is available, then an adjustment in medications may be required. Everyone is different. I suggest that we all keep close contact with our physicians; who will adjust our medications to meet out needs and as their professional opinion dictates. Most of all, I've learned over the years, we must follow the physicians guidelines without fail. Beware to alert all other physicians, for other medical treatments - dentists, allergy or whatever medical treatments; that we are heart patients, if that was the diagnosis. If we do this, we'll be more comfortable. GOOD LUCK TO ALL.


    [Re: strong, forceful pulse]

    Author: Lisa (---.dyn.optonline.net)

    Date: 04-12-02 05:02


    You are far from alone on this one. After years of having a hard time falling asleep due to feeling and hearing my own heart beat I came up with my own solution, mind you its not the best but it works. I bought a new TV with a sleep function. I turn on some REALLY BAD boring show, put the "sleep" on for 10-20 minutes and wake up the next morning with a good amount of sleep. While I know this is FAR from scientific, and does not address matters of medication....it works for me.

    You should talk to your doctor about your symptoms and maybe a medication adjustment would halp as well.

    Funny thing is after running the HCMA for 6 years this is the 1st time I ever mentioned this to anyone!

    Good luck and sweet dreams!



    [Re: strong, forceful pulse]

    Author: Jake D. (---.dsl6660157.rstatic.surewest.net)

    Date: 04-20-02 20:06

    All of you folks who have HCM and have pounding in your chest should probably do a Holter monitor and also read the other thread I started here about HCM and A-Fib.

    I'll bet at least some of you have A-Fib along with your HCM. I had both for years, but none of my cardiologists ever told me about the A-Fib, so I was in the dark for a long long time.

    P.S. "A-Fib" means atrial fibrillation
    NOTE: This is a post from the previous forum message board.