I had my stress test today at NEMC. That ticker sure went to the max! There was a very young Dr. who was there hooking me up to the EKG monitor and regulating the treadmill. I made it to where he programmed for me to reach and my heart felt it was going to pound right through my chest...but no pain, dizziness, etc. I just felt like I ran the Boston Marathon! Anyway,when I got to where he wanted me (also got the second injection of Cardiolite) for picture taking---he mentioned something about that my heart rate reached the desired rate and then it went down...he was asking me if I get lightheaded or dizzy when I over exert myself and I said no. Actually I never have and he seemed a little surprised. He didn't tell me anything...I'm waiting for either Dr. Maron or Udelson to discuss the results. Anyone have this happen ?