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A little scared....


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  • A little scared....

    My father and I both went to the cardiologist and I was caught off guard once again. The doctor decided that this time I should go on medicine even though in my opinion I described how I was feeling no different than last time. I didn't expect him to put me on any medication because he had the last 7 months to do that if he thought I needed it. I can live with that, but what really concerns me is what he said about my father. My dad had a stress test last month. Over the phone they said it was fine, but the doctor told dad it was fair. He thought he needed to have angioplasty this Thursday. My dad now has this "full" feeling, so the doctor gave him nitro to take when he has it. He also told dad that the HCM wasn't would hurt him the most, it was the possibility of blocked arteries. Does anyone know if that's how it works with angioplasty? Are there other tests that can be done, etc.? I worry about what if he doesn't need it and it's the HCM or what if he really does and I say something about it and he changes his mind? Am I just being a worry wort?

    Amy N.

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    Amy, I think it's time to talk to a specialist. You saw one a while back, didn't you? Yes, if your dad has blocked arteries, he does need to take care of that. But I think you already know that nitro is contraindicated with HCM - usually. I think there are certain situations that may require a person to use it anyway, but generally you shouldn't. Many people with HCM have a "heavy feeling" in their chests. Is that what your dad feels? Anyway, I think you should ask a lot more questions. But remember, I'm not a doctor and that's just my opinion.


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      I also would get a second opinion--from a cardiologist who understands HCM as well as coronary artery disease. And, Amy, I'd suggest you move as quickly as you can on this, both because of the issue of nitroglycerin and HCM and because blocked coronary arteries are what cause the common "heart attack." And take with you copies of all tests which have been done in the last six or seven months.

      That "full" feeling can be another way of experiencing angina or pain in the heart. I, myself, get what I call "chest tightness." Pain in the heart (no matter what we call it or how severe it is) indicates the heart muscle is not getting as much oxygen as it needs to function. If the cause is blocked coronary arteries, then angioplasty or a bypass will improve it. If the cause is HCM, then those drugs you see mentioned on this site--especially beta-blockers--will improve it. But it is essential that the cardiologist know the cause before taking action!

      I hope I've helped, Amy. I don't want to scare you unduly, but I do want you to get an opinion you trust!



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        I'm on my way out the door, but want to impress upon you that nitro and HCM rarely mix --only if your dad has "small vessel disease" (smal arteries). I think an echo would show their size.

        BLocked arteries are nothing to mess around with and need to be addressed asap. Sounds like you both need specialists. Please call Lisa if you need names.


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          Amy, you know Lisa will be happy to talk with you. It sounds as if something is already scheduled for tomorrow for your Dad. Talk with the doctor and ask all these questions. Ask how he will differentiate between blocked arteries and HCM symptoms. Ask your doctor what effect he expects the Nitro to have on your Dad. Explain that you are concerned about the potential probs with Nitro and HCM. Since we have some people with HCM who do benefit from Nitro, you might ask him if there is a way for him to supervise your Dad's first experience with Nitro. Then, if there is a problem, the doctor would be there for immediate help. These are just suggestions, and you may have already discussed these things. Keep us posted. Linda


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            Amy give my voice a day or two to rest and we can talk... hang in there!
            Knowledge is power ... Stay informed!
            YOU can make a difference - all you have to do is try!

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            Currently not obstructed
            Complications - unnecessary pacemaker and stroke (unrelated to each other)


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              Thanks as always for your support. My dad decided to wait and talk with his family doctor before he scheduled it. After talking with my dad again, he felt uncomfortable with the fact that he felt the doctor was just looking at his chart for the first time as he walked in the room - and then just had that one spot left and he could schedule dad. My dad's not opposed to having the procedure, he's just didn't feel comfortable the way the doctor presented it. It's hard to really describe - other than we both really wondered if the doctor knew who he was talking to when he was in the room - or was he thinking of another patient?

              I'm not angry, just disappointed and still a little surprised by everything that came as a result of the visit.

              Amy N.


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