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HCM - Coronary Artery Disease


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Carrie D Father diagnosed w/apical HCM @ 17 yrs old & diagnosed w/an apical aneurysm in 2012. In April 2015 I was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy, Myocardial Bridge & Diastolic Dysfunction. Septal myectomy March 2016/repair myocardial bridge & mitral valve repair. Find out more about Carrie D
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  • HCM - Coronary Artery Disease


    I rec'd the results from my TEE and was told that I have Obstructive HCM. Although the cardiologist advised me that HCM is usually diagnosed at 15mm, my septum is @ 14mm which in comparison to others, isn't that enlarged but in 2009 it was 7mm. Size has doubled in 5 yrs which cardiologist states "is significant."

    We really never discussed it any further because it appears I may also have coronary artery disease and am waiting to have MIBI test done on Thursday then discuss all the results @ the same time.

    Although I have done a lot of reading & research, I don't understand what has caused the increased size? Does it mean that it will continue to get larger? 7 - 14 does seem significant.

    Has anyone else had the same/similar experience?


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    Re: HCM - Coronary Artery Disease

    Please order the HCM book on Amazon, written by Maron & Salberg. HCM is a complex condition that cause unexplained growth (Hypertrophic) - this muscle tissue is not linear like muscles are typically, but chaotic - nearly criss cross. What does all this mean ? HCM is both a plumbing and an electrical problem. Plumbing in that the pump is "getting thicker and stiffer" and electrical as the sinus node (that electrical conduit in the heart that controls the beat) can have difficulty crossing this crazy tissue.
    On the plus side, your growth is in the low range and likely not a candidate for surgery. Medications can be given to control the heart as it gets stiffer - giving a stronger, more efficient pumps. and there are many advances in HCM research.
    We stress seeing an expert in HCM as it is a fickle disease and not very well understood in the cardiac community. They are located on this site - but Tronoto General is the only one I'm aware of in Canada. Many of us in the US travel to see experts who then work with our local doctors in our care. And please only do research on HCM on the sites located here. there is a lot of negative and scary things written about HCM - But know that most of us live long & normal lives.
    Diagnosed @ 48
    Saw Dr. Michael Debakey @ age 5 - "He's fine, just a little noisy"
    Father to 3 boys 22, 25, 29 (all currently clear - pending genetics)
    AICD - Valentines Day '08, Spark Plug replaced 11/14
    After much research, I had a Myectomy @ Mayo for my 50th Birthday '08
    Quietly going insane . . .


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      Re: HCM - Coronary Artery Disease

      Hi Carrie . Hcm is one thing CAD is something else .
      I have both.In my opinion I think because of our oxygen needy hearts atrial blockages are more significant symptom wise.
      Cad is fairly straight forward .Hcm in my opinion is only really understood at Toronto General

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        Re: HCM - Coronary Artery Disease

        Hi Carrie,
        I think the big question is whether you're experiencing significant symptoms. The thickness of your septum matters mainly because (a) really thick septums (twice as thick as yours) pose a greater risk of electrical problems, and (b) if the thickness means more obstruction to blood outflow.

        Myectomy on Feb. 5, 2007.


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          Re: HCM - Coronary Artery Disease

          Thank you all for replies.

          I will order the book, I appreciate the suggestion!

          I am having some significant symptoms but am unsure if they are related to the HCM or CAD ... I think the arteries.

          I have only seen a cardiologist thus far & again, appreciate the suggestion of a Dr. who specializes in HCM. I am located in Vancouver, do you know how I would find a Dr. who specializes?



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            Re: HCM - Coronary Artery Disease

            Dr woo. In toronto general . She sees people from all over canada.
            She sees me and my children

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