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Atkins' Diet


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  • Atkins' Diet

    Just started the Atkins' Diet and I'm not feeling so great. My heart is thumping in my throat, and the shortness of breath is close to the worse I ever had in when I was in CHF. Does anyone know if this diet is not good for us or is it just me?

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    I'm sorry to hear your not feeling so great, but I don't think its from the Atkins Diet. I'm not on the diet though, but I've been to their web site and it looked okay to me. Perhaps a doctors consult is needed? Hope you feel better!


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      cause and effect


      Well, most people who've mentioned diet here have found that a low-carb diet has helped them a lot.

      Are you drinking enough water? That is very, very important.

      Also, you may have just shocked your system if you stopped a lot of things cold turkey. While I know Atkins says to do this and the first two weeks are especially strict, you may want to ease into it and see if that helps.

      And keep in mind, something else may be the trigger, too.

      As always, talk to your doctor if you aren't well and before making any sudden changes.



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        Several docs I know have recommended the diet. You may want to discuss your diet and your symptoms with your doctor and make sure you are doing what is best for YOU.
        Good luck!
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          Just want to pass along a bit of information that my family doctor told me. He said that he had researched the Atkins diet and believes that it can lead to kidney or liver problems. Please understand that he did not share any details with me but he does not recommend this diet to any of his patients.

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            The kidney processes protein so the Atkins and other high-protein diets are very hard on it. I lost one kidney a few years ago to cancer, so my doctor was pretty adamant about staying away from Atkins.

            Don't know how it effects the liver.
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              Re: Atkins' Diet

              How's the diet going? How are you feeling?


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                Re: Atkins' Diet

                I had a lot of trouble when I began a diet that I think was similar to Dr. Atkin's diet. I found out (eventually) that I was allergic to wheat and when I stopped eating bread, the withdrawal made me sick. If you have any kind of food allergy or intolernce, a radical change in your diet, even if it might be the best thing for you, can be very difficult. Easing into a change in diet might be the way to go.



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                  Re: Atkins' Diet

                  I did a bit of gravedigging with this thread, but I'm curious...has anyone here been successful with atkins over an extended period (over 1 year)?

                  I've read his book and am 1 month into it, but don't know how long I can reasonably stick to it. He does get one thing right - I've lost weight and am hardly every hungry...just a little tired of not eating what I like.


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                    Re: Atkins' Diet

                    I was sucessful. I lasted about 18 months on it and lost 25 lbs. Since then I try to still eat low/healthy carbs, but cave in at times . I have put back on around 7lbs.

                    I tried a few weeks ago to get myself started again. I lasted about a week, lost a couple lbs, but then gave up again.

                    I think summer is easier to start, since you can use the grill a lot.



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                      Re: Atkins' Diet

                      With gastric by-pass surgery it is a little different but a lot the same. We are supposed to choose higher protein foods( 45grams per day) with as little fat as possible but also adhere to lowest carb choices possible. I know that this surgery makes a malabsorption occur for a couple years and of course the volume that fits in my new smaller stomach is only 2-3 ounces per meal and that is it. The key is not to go back in a couple of hours and fill it up again. Also not drinking ANY fluids of any kind for 1/2 hour pre meal, during the meal, and for 1/2 hour after meal allows the food to sit and satiate longer and by then the brain says , "Oh yeah , I'm full." Then the rest of the time throughout the day drink 64 0z of water or lowest calorie drinks and more if able. Must also eat very slowly chewing each bite 20 times. So the meal should last about 20-30 minutes of actual eating and chewing. Try it , those around me who have been with me are trying it and are dropping weight, simply by taking at least 1/2 their meal home( 1/3 eaten of portion from most restaurants is usually enough given the huge portions we get in this country), not drinking with their meals and not going back for more, several hours later when they feel hungry again, keeping a journal and being cognizant of choices are all strategies that are working very good as well. All I can suggest is, MINDFULL EATING does work and eating to survive vs living to eat, also is a great new philosophy for me.

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                        Re: Atkins' Diet

                        Personally, I wouldn't touch the Atkins diet, or similar diets, with a barge pole.

                        The human digestive system is not designed for a high protein diet. The increasing amounts of protein being consumed by western countries during the last few generations have also been associated with increasing levels of several of the cancers of the digestive system. This is caused in part by the decrease in complex carbohydrates (starches, fibre) and the increased fat consumption which changes in eating habits in N. America and Western Europe have brought, while the increased sugar consumption (look at your pop drinks, most processed cereals, donuts, etc.) have led to escalating levels of adult-onset diabetes.

                        When high protein diets are digested, the byproducts tend to be rather more acid than the human body is designed for. This is compensated for by using lime to return the pH to where the body wants to be. The lime is found in that wonderful source, the human skeleton - i.e bone. This leads to reduced bone density - otherwise known as osteoporosis. I've seen some graphs, (X-Y scatter diagrams) which show the relationship between per capita protein consumption and national rates of osteoporosis. It's a straight line relationship - those nations with the highest protein consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

                        One of the problems with Atkins is throwing the baby out with the bathwater! Not all carbs are bad, only excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates (sugars). The complex carbohydrates - starches and fibre - are essential to good health.

                        One other point, people with specific health problems my need to have a non-normal balance in their diet. For example, people with extremely loose bowels may need to be on a reduced fibre diet. But this is to deal with specific problems, not for general guidance.

                        I haven't checked this out myself, but I have been told that Dr. Atkins himself died in a very unhealthy state - with liver disease (caused by excess protein?) and overweight.

                        I had better stop before this rant uses up all my time.

                        Cheers to all



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                          Re: Atkins' Diet

                          Greetings - I've done the Atkins diet several times - not longer than a few weeks, and it does work. That said, my wife started the diet and felt so bad she couldn't go past day 2. The number of times I did the diet I also didn't feel real great initially - it did pass.

                          I gave up the diet - I felt that there must be something wrong eating hot dogs with no roll - which was a great Atkins meal!

                          After my recent experiences with cardiologists, I was told to start living with a low fat, low cholesterol diet. I am not eating any meat or cheese. Result: down 15lbs in the last 3 months. Cholesterol has dropped to 114, with 43 LDL (diet with meds - lipitor, niaspan).

                          It just makes sense that eating lots of fruits and veggies is good. I eat pasta with fat-free spaghetti sauce, red beans and rice, whole grain breads, fat-free yogurt.

                          I'm not preaching, but I don't know many who have been successful w/ Atkins over a long period of time - are there some? Of course, but not most.

                          For what it's worth - Andy P


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                            Re: Atkins' Diet

                            I agree that some of the things I've been eating don't seem very natural. The induction phase is particularly brutal, but I'm hoping the later, more moderate phases will be easier to swallow (literally and figuratively)

                            From what I've read, Atkins does stress the importance of good carbs. Carbs from fiber can be subtracted out of your daily allowed total...whole grains and unrefined carbs are allowed, but in moderation. The big no-no seems to be refined/processed sugars and grains. Another point he stresses is finding out how many carbs your body needs to keep up with your demands/activity level and not exceding it.

                            In anycase I ran it by both by pcp and cardio doc...they both told me there is evidence of bad effects from the diet, but basically said getting to a healthy weight outwieghs them. I'm gona go for it.