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Mononucleosis and HCM


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Rainey I am happily married to a wonderful husband and have three beautiful children (18, 12 and 10). All my kids are involved in sports. My oldest plays Division II College lacrosse and soccer. All of my kids are screened yearly. I am still scared every day they play knowing how many young athletes die. I try to get the word out about knowing family history. Find out more about Rainey
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  • Mononucleosis and HCM

    I was diagnosed with HOCM 5.5 years ago. Since that time I have had an ICD implanted and my kids go for regular screenings (all currently HCM-free). My daughter has signed to play DII sports in college and is having "extras" done to satisfy us, the doctors and the coaches. She's had her regular screening done as well as a cardiac MRI and this morning a exercise stress test. All normal, thank God. However, the gal performing the test this morning mentioned that she played soccer at a DIII school and now she no longer does because she has "cardiomyopathy." She didn't call it HCM. I asked if there was a strong family history and she said that SHE is the only one. She said that hers is believed to be the result of her mono infection years prior. It got me thinking. I am adopted and yes, my birth father died of a massive heart attack (second heart attach) at 37, he had a long-undiagnosed strep infection when he was 27 and he was told THEN that he wouldn't live to see 40 because the infection completely destroyed one of his kidneys and damaged the other one. Other than him, there is no other family history and he himself was never diagnosed with HCM and had no autopsy (I know a LOT of family history from both sides). So, it got me thinking - I had a pretty severe case of mono when I was a teenager and was hospitalized with a full-body rash and swollen liver. I don't remember them saying anything about my heart then but is it possible that I have this and NOT the kind that is genetic that could be passed down to my kids? Is genetic testing the ONLY way to find out? I have NOT done the testing.
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    *Adopted but know that birth Father died at 37 of what we now believe to be HCM.
    *Diagnosed with HOCM in 11/07. I also have the abnormal papillary muscle.
    *Gradient 100-185 when provoked.
    *Currently being treated with Atenolol, 50 mg. per day.
    *Three kids: 19, 13 and 11, all presently clear of HCM.
    *Patient of Dr. Sharlene Day, U of M.
    *ICD - August, 2010

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    Re: Mononucleosis and HCM

    Hi Rainey,
    Great to hear from you!

    Genetic testing COULD answer this question - but if (and only if) it successfully finds a mutation that you carry that's associated with HCM. If it doesn't (and that happens about 1/3 or so of the time), then it doesn't mean you don't have HCM with a genetic basis.

    But more importantly, I think it's true that virally-induced cardiomyopathies typically are dilated (and not hypertrophic). In dilated cardiomyopathies, the heart muscle actually thins (so the chambers are larger, or dilated). They would have seen this on your echo. Can

    Myectomy on Feb. 5, 2007.


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