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heat tolerance


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    I wanted to add a comment on left side sleeping. The comments I have read here are interesting since I have always been a "side" sleeper (can't fall asleep on by back or front).

    Prior to my surgery, there were certain conditions which would cause my heart to beat "hard". The big one was a large late meal just prior to bed. At that point it did not matter which way I was sleeping, I could feel and hear each heartbeat. The only way to sleep was in an easy chair.

    After surgery, and watching my meal portion size, I have not had an incident of "hard" heartbeat on any side. I find it a relief to be able to fall asleap on my side again.

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      Hi Bob,

      That's really good advice. I've always been a side sleeper as well. Being a heavy drinker most of my adult life i've developed some pretty bad eating habits... eating late at night, and not the best food either (nobody gets drunk and eats a garden salad). I've put the drinking aside, but the eating habits are hard to break

      Anyone know of a good formula that's worked well for them? No food after 6:00 pm, etc. ? It's been suggested that i might try taking my Toprol at night before bed rather than in the morning. Anyone know of any problems with this?

      Someone suggested in a previous post that since they lead a full busy life, that they don't have sleeping problems. I'm not exactly a big fat lazy slob here. LOL. I've worked pretty hard ten hour days out in the field for over ten years. It's not that i'm not tired

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        Toss and turn all night, doesn't matter which side I sleep on!

        Yeah, heat intolerant too!


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          Heat Intolerance

          Well, Folks, I can't take heat or sun, but I thought that was because I am and Norwegian, and I have a tethered spinal cord.

          Now you tell me it is because I am HCM!!! And I thought I was too old to loearn anything new about myself!!!!!!!!


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            I posted that I have a busy life and if you know me I'm not lying. A typical Monday for me is: getting up at 6:00 AM to make it to my cardiac rehab by 7:15. I exercise there for about an hour and a half. I then have work at 9:15 which I also have to shower before I get there. I work from 9:15 till 6:00 and then I have school from 6:30 until 9:15. I typically get home around 10:00 take a shower drink a cup of tea and am dead to the rest of the world! Anytime I get a chance to nap I take it. Granted all of my days aren't quite this hectic but it is enough for me! Of course I'm giving my cardiologist more than his fare share of worrying and my boss who is like a dad to me said he was going to make me take a vacation if I didn't slow down! Yeah right . Honestly, I think even a normal person would be pretty tired after my Monday's

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