Author: Diane (---.networksplus.net)

Date: 04-08-02 20:57

Hi, I've been trying to understand as much about this condition as possible but have questions that maybe someone could answer.

1) My father had IHSS, and I have been diagnosed with HCM with obstruction. My brother, however, has been screened and appears to be okay. I understand that my children stand a 50/50 of having it but what about my brother's children and grandchildren? Does this gene ever "weed" itself out?


[Re: genetics]

Author: Sarah Beckley (---.dsl.mindspring.com)

Date: 04-10-02 02:37

Dear Diane,

IHSS is just another name for HCM.

Each one of your kids has a 50/50 shot. It is more than likely that your brother's children and grandchildren will not have any HCM, but there is a very small percentage of HCM that "hides" by being carried but not expressed. People work around this by getting echos every 2-5 years or getting a genetic test.

Your children should be getting echos every 2 years as most HCM appears in the teens and early 20s.



[Re: genetics]

Author: Sherry (---.ras11.floca.tii-dial.net)

Date: 04-18-02 20:11


You mention getting genetic testing done. After my husband was diagnosed, they instructed us to get an echo on two of our children. We also went to a Genetics appt. We were told there are no tests sensative enough to detect this disease yet. My husbands biggest fear isn't of dieing, but of passing this on to our 5 year old. My husbands family seems to have the gene run in his mom's side. An uncle and two cousins die suddenly of unknown heart problems years ago. No one connected this until after my husbands diagnosis. They even took several tubes of my husband's blood to do research on.