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  • colonoscopy

    After having my annual check up my doctor told me now that I am the ripe old age of 51 I need to have a colonoscopy done. He advises all his patients to have one at this age and then if no problems show up another in 5 - 10 yrs. I know they put you to sleep and I also know that you have some real tough fasting and cleaning out the day before. My question is if you have to fast and clean your system out what does this do to people with HOCM concerning the anestesia and such. Has anyone had this done? Any bad experiences afterwards or while you were under? I'm thinking number one rule is not to get dehydrated but wouldn't you be pretty much dehydrated by the time the procedure started?

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    fasting doesn't mean don't drink


    Fasting doesn't mean don't drink water. It just means don't eat solid food. You can probably get away with broth, too. Take your medication and drink lots of fluids. You can probably have fruit juices, too. You may want to take a multi-vitamin to get some extra potassium and magnisium in there with all the water.



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      I had one done 3 months ago (nov). I was admitted to the hospital on Monday as i was passing blood in my stools. I was given a cat scan that night, not allowd anything, even water from 1PM monday untill after endoscope Wed. morning. I was on iv's to keep me hydrated and also on antibiotics as I have hocm/defib. The best part was when they started feeding me again Wed at noon. They had a tech in from the ep lab for my procedure also. The procedure wasn't bad but the situation around it was miserable. I will have another one next year but it is no worse than having my icd pust in and a lot better than a cath. Hope this helps.


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        TALK to the anesthisia team well before the procedure. ALSO make sure you are premedicated with antibiotics to avoid any problems with infection. I know many who have had this done with no problem. Just try to stay well hydrated when doing the "go-lightly" thing and enjoy the gallon of that lovely stuff!
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          Definitely get the antibiotics for the procedure. Drink more water than you can imagine, and I recommend mixing the soda with lemonade. The tartness of the lemonade helps mask the horrible taste of the soda. Otherwise, the anethesia they used on me was the same as the ICD implant. I was really sleepy and sedated but not really under. Hope this helps and good luck.



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            Um, last time I checked, an enema goes up the opposite end as drinking something. Lemonade has got to be an irritant in that particular situation.


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              Sarah -

              Your response has just made my day. I will be laughing about it all day long Thank you for the uplift.

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                OH MY I couldn't be more red. I'm trying to talk about that Fleet phospho-soda yucky stuff. Sorry about the goof.


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                  I did not even think about the antibiotics! Thanks for reminding me! I think I will call Dr. Asher at Cleveland and have him give me some guidelines for this. I mean how much antibiotics? Intravenously or by mouth? I guess since my diagnosis I haven't had any testing or surgery (except dental) done and now I question how everything is going to affect me with this HOCM now. But better safe than sorry! Thanks guys!


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                    I have an ICD and before my colonoscopy they came and turned it off and then back on right after. But I could drink broth, jello etc. It was an opportunity for me to drink hi sodium chicken broth. I figured with losing all that fluid I did not need to worry about excess sodium. Always try to find the good in this stuff. The test is not all that bad.

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                      I had a pretty good idea of what you meant, but could NOT pass up that opportunity. Plus, we are all about being clear and precise here!!!


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