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what is a stress echo?


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  • what is a stress echo?

    I was told that I have to have a stress echo done from my new cardiologist's office....can anyone explain what this is?
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    Sure, here goes. A stress echo is when they put you through some stress, either a treadmill, bike or something like that. Then they do the echo on you. Sometimes they will use nuclear medicine to see the heart better. Sometimes not. Have you ever had a stress test before? They will make you work a little, carefully monitoring your heart rate. They will check you often and if you feel too tired or unable to go on they will stop the test. You will have attendants there the whole time. Good luck.


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      other stress echos

      There are a couple other stress echos.

      The most common one is where they give you some medicine that "stresses" the heart --speeds it up a bit, basically, while they do the echo.

      However, one time I was supposed to have a stress echo and all they did was have me bear down a lot.

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        Stress Echo

        I just had a stress echo yesterday at the Cleaveland Heart Clinic and they had me smell and that made my heart rate increase while they were doing the echo. It raised my heart rate from 60 to 107 and a half hour later I was unfortunately in atrial fib. They said that this normally does not happen and I was the first person they saw this happen to as a result of the smelling agent. So, here I am at the Cleaveland Clinic in the hospital until they cardiovert me and hopefully send me home with some answers. :P
        Bobby Raines


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          Bobby, what they had you smell was Amil Nitrate, it gives you a quick rush and also raises you heart rate and blood pressure.
          I have this each time I go, it can also leave you with a small headache.
          I've also had the stress test with medication that they gave to me interveneous, they said it was mainly to see how my blood pressuer went under stress, up is good, down is not, and also to measure heart pressures under stress, they did the echo while they injected.
          I've also had the treadmill stress test. Once they also injected me while I was walking, I didn't like that one, I was already huffin and puffin and when they injected me I thought I had run a marathon. Fortunetly that only lasts for a minute or so.
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            Bobby, hope it's a short stay, and no further complications. I'm sure you weren't planning on this and I'm sure they would turn things back if they could. best wishes, Linda


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