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  • lightheaded

    I'm having allot of trouble today well it started last night, I have been so lightheaded today and short of breath and weak I'm thinking my meds have stopped working being I've been on them now for 8 years now, I called the Dr.s office today and was told they couldn't get me in until September 6 th and she said if i started feeling worse to go to the ER, with all the cardiologist in this practice I couldn't get in any sooner. This is really getting aggregating
    Diagnosed 2003
    Myectomy 2-23-2004
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    Re: lightheaded

    Hello Shirley,

    I am so sorry you are feeling poorly and hope you will be better soon. I too wonder sometimes if my heart has become accustom to my medicine too and does not work as well. I had the same thing happen at my EPs office with his secretary two months ago, telling me he could not see me for two months. I told her to have him call me and she never even gave him the message. Makes me sick with the incompetence, so I called the nurse in his device clinic about my situation and he called me the same day. Can you ask for the doctor to at least call you to discuss what you should do? I know my EP was mad when he found out my message was not given to him. Or how about calling after hours and talking to what ever doctor is on call for the night? Unfortunately they may tell you to go to ER if they are not familiar with you, but you may get lucky and get your doctor. Still I truly hope you get better.

    Be well, Janet
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      Re: lightheaded

      I can totally understand what you are both going through with trying to either speak to or make an appointment with a doctor as I have just gone through the same thing with a new internist. After seeing this doctor one time and having a test done I called trying to get the results - the person I spoke to refused to connect me with either the doctor or nurse and would not even take a message until I told her exactly what, when and where the test was done, what my symptoms were for having it done, etc. When I asked her if she was now the treating doctor she said no but would not help me without the information - I hung up. Three weeks ago I decided if I wanted to know the results I would need to make an appointment to see him, called and was put through the same routine. Was so disgusted I finally screamed at her (probably said some things I should not have) but got an appointment for two weeks later.

      When I saw the doctor I told him exactly what happened - his answer was that it was not the office but an outsourced system that he thought was located in Florida, I am in NYC. Since this practice is part of a hospital he told me that due to many, many complaints by patients and the physicians they are trying to get the hospital to move everything back to the office setting but he did give me his cell number and email and no matter what, test results, appointments or for any other reason to contact him directly.

      Only relating this as you may be dealing with the same type of situation and I strongly urge you to speak to the doctor telling him/her exactly what happens when you call.

      Shirley, from reading your posts I know you have more than one medical condition and for some "$2/hour clerk" to tell you to wait 2 months to see a doctor is incomprehensible. PLEASE, try to reach this doctor even if it means writing a letter marked "Personal and Confidential".


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        Re: lightheaded

        Shirley, are you still using your oxygen at the prescribed liter flow? Have you done something that would be aggrevating to your condition? (like gardening or going to the store?). This could be related to your COPD and not your HCM. Or, it could be your HCM. Personally, I wouldn't wait til September, I'd go to the ER to be sure it is an easy problem that could be corrected now.
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          Re: lightheaded

          Hi Shirley,
          Yes, get it checked.

          Your body may change in the way it responds to meds, but if it does, it doesn't do it in a day.

          Myectomy on Feb. 5, 2007.