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recent visit with new cardiologist for me


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  • recent visit with new cardiologist for me

    Hi everyone,
    Has been a while since I have been to the site, I took a break and gathered my thoughts and questions, had my visit with the new cardiologist out of Washington University, In Missouri.
    My new doctor, Dr. Mankowitz was wonderful, He says he has met you Lisa S. and highly recommends this site and organization,
    He didn't tell me too many new things, since I had an echo recently during a hospital stay with phenomena due to chicken pox, he didn't have another one done, he seemed to be taking me in, learning about me, and personality, he said that I do have obstructive HCM, and didn't recommend any surgeries, he feels more harm can be done sometimes by surgeries, if I am ok, then leave it alone, and I am doing alright, I have stopped drinking alcohol, though I will be turning 30 next week and am thinking about a couple of glasses of wine with dinner to celebrate, if I promise myself to drown my insides with water that day
    I am going to work on not smoking, which is only 2 a day, so that is not such a big issue for me, I need to work on not eating sugar more than the smoking as far as I am concerned,
    so he says, take it easy no exerting myself, take a walk, leave exercising to just that, a walk, if fatigued take a nap, lessen stress.
    My son needs to be checked every five years. He increased my medicine of lopressor, actually metoperolol to 50mg 2x's daily from 25mg 2x's daily, though I had been doing this on my own, when needed, he says to continue to do that, just keep it in my system and not to go over the 50 without him, antibiotics before work on mouth, bladder, or bowl.
    I still have many questions though about hormones, I think it is my biggest issue, What do you guys feel about this, what studies have been done. I have more breathing issues with hormones, as well as moods, fatigue, migraines.....
    Any advice, help, answers in this area.
    SO it went well, I go back in April to see him again.
    Lisa R.

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    I'm glad you're doing so well. I hope you have a great birthday. Isn't it nice when you get to talk to a doc who listens to you? Take care.


    Husband has HCM.
    3 kids - ages 23, 21, & 19. All presently clear of HCM.


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      Love the pig

      LOVE your flying pig pic, brings smiles.
      I do enjoy a doctor who listens, though I think I am looking for a certain answer or statement, though I am not sure what that is, I just feel like, I dunno, you want to know that your being told everything, no holding back. atleast there is nothing different, for that I am thankful, and presume I have all that I need to know about me, I still want to find research on the hormones and moods, may need a different site for that !
      Have a great Weekend
      Lisa R.


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        Dear Lisa,

        FInding a good doctor is such a weight off the shoulders!!! I'm glad you are on the right track.

        As for the hormone stuff, intellihealth.com and mayoclinic.com both have excellent medical info on them.

        I will tell you that I was having PMS that made me literally hysterical --crying, morose, nuts --horrible. And I heard about dong quai and started taking it (you don't take while you are having your period). AMAZING difference. Symptoms gone. CHeck the PDR for Herbal supplements or with your doctor to make sure it won't interfere with anything else you take if you decide to try it.

        take care,



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          Thanks Sarah
          I am into homeopathic medicines and have been told about some alternatives, and am going to check with my alternative medicine doctor about getting me into better shape with these silly female genes. I will check into all that you have suggested,
          Thanks so much
          Lisa R.