Can't think of anything to donate for the HCMA Golf Outing? Don't have a lot of money to donate? Live to far away to participate in the Golf Outing? Not to worry, you can still be a big help to the HCMA!!

Here are a few suggestions :

1. Check out your local sporting good stores for good sales on golf supplies (balls, tees, towels, clubs, etc.). Spend whatever you can afford even if it's just a few dollars worth of golfing supplies. Mail your purchases to the HCMA.

2. Check with your employer to see if they have any free "marketing" items that could be donated. Most companies have cartons of golf balls, shirts, and tees with the Company logo. We will gratefully take whatever they are willing to donate. Golf stuff would be great, but it can be almost anything. For example, last year we had the M&M's Company send us 5 crates of the new miniture M&M candy dispensers. What a kick that was for prizes and giveaways!

Please help us help you, by making the Golf Outing a hugh financial success . We can't do it without your help

If you need more information about the golf outing please fell free to e-mail me - [email protected] or [email protected]